A Guest Err Umm Pest!

The cat whacks intruders when they come to play, except the old guy when in he does stray. Pat makes me leave him be. But then this isn't about me. We did that yesterday. Now it is about others who stray.

Hello all!
Where are you?
Down the hall?
In the loo?

I'm here.
I'll shout it clear.
Never fear.
I'll remain near.

I wish I knew.
Where did you go?
It can't be true.
You think me a foe?

I'm your friend.
I'm the best.
That we must amend.
After all, I'm your guest.

Shouldn't you be here?
Where are you?
I know you're near.
I'm turning blue.

That means I'm mad.
I want to see you.
I just entered your pad.
Come into my view.

I may block some.
I may stand tall.
I may be a thin chum.
I may shrink before all.

But I'm here.
I'm here to see.
I'm always near.
Come out to greet me.

I'll sit here.
Here I'll sit.
I know you're near.
Don't give me a fit.

Oh, there you are.
Out shopping I see.
My grocery bill is on par.
Oh...is that for me?

Would that be a guest or a pest? We'd toss them in the sea at no one's behest. We just would. Have any such "guests" at your hood? We've known a few but we stay out of their view. Otherwise we may be in jail because we'd chuck them out the window without fail. Or they may go through and break the glass. Yeah, to such guests, I'm not a nice little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Replies
    1. That's 5 in a row
      Still no dough!


    2. No uninvited ninjas or blue men today to take #1

    3. Staying on top
      Not gonna flop

  2. A Guest Err Umm Pest!
    Nuisance unlike the rest
    Exceed their welcome
    Just keeping mum
    Still treat as a guest at best


  3. Fortunately we don't get a lot of guests.
    Hank for the top four spots today!

  4. Most everyone hides when guests arrive, but not me, on attention I thrive!

    1. Need a good brushing
      Even as the others are shushing

  5. We're preparing for guests in a couple weeks. It will be fun, but so much cleaning to do beforehand.

  6. Happy St Parick’s Day!

    No guests here
    To that I cheer

    1. Cheer you should
      Spelled it wrong though in your hood lol

    2. Haha oh the dread


  7. When my son's gf (at the time) stayed with us for 2 weeks in 2015 I thought I was going to lose my mind.

  8. I don’t like unexpected guests
    To me, they are pests.
    If they call and let me know
    They are welcome, like a present with a pretty bow

  9. I've been missing for awhile...It's always good to come back here and see that your magic continues. Good job!

  10. We don't have a lot of guests,
    and those who come are never pests.
    Have a good one under your sun!

    1. Never being pests is a win
      And those not from the looney bin

  11. When we lived in Ireland, some old friends from U.S. came to visit us. For two weeks. I hadn't realized what a bully and an ass that he was and how she was always ill. When we took them to the airport, I same rejoice songs all the way back.

    We haven't spoken to them since we moved back 30 years ago.

    A guest is a pest when one thinks about getting a shovel and taking them to a remote place.

    1. haha sound like winners indeed
      Yep, that would sure qualify as pest and then some at your feed

  12. A guest can be a pest, they are certainly not invited here in my home.


  13. Well, Whaddya know?
    I'm in the loo.
    There often, you know.
    What else is new?

  14. People know they are not welcome here unless invited. I don't like unexpected guests, and those who do knock without telling us first are usually chased off by the dogs. As long as I get warning though, my door will always be open.

    1. haha the dogs are trained well
      Uninvited sure won't be staying here for a spell

  15. I'm not one to have guests about
    I like my routine and set in my ways
    so we haven't set up a guest room
    that way there is no place for one to stay


  16. I don't get guests at my place,
    Chance would be a fine thing.
    The main pleasure I get along life's way
    Is listening to Danny Boy sing.



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