A Little Could In The Hood!

The what if or what could or what ever comes to all. Although some go on and on and on about it at their hall. Then their what could turns to, Goodbye! All their what could-ing got nothing done and then they die.

A what could.
Is understood.
Likely or not.
Adds to the plot.

Stuck in motion.
Unlike the ocean.
No waves in and out.
Just a dead trout.

But there's no lack.
Sharp as a tack,
With the what could.
Maybe what would.

The could and would.
A hand in hand hood.
A hood that leads nowhere,
Unless acting on the pair.

What could if I...
Ends on the fly.
Nothing happens after.
Maybe hiding laziness in laughter.

The what could goes on.
A what would may dawn.
Many options come to be.
They grow out like a tree.

Damn, went nowhere.
But you developed a stare.
A stare that will go far.
Like maybe to the corner bar.

What could happen there?
Sit in your favorite chair.
Search for the what will.
Maybe something fits the bill.

Wow, what will is dirty.
It may get a little flirty.
What could leaves life,
With no life or strife.

So back to what could.
It is easily understood.
Can just think and chill.
So much easier than what will.

Are you stuck in the what could? Have you moved up to the what would? Hopefully you got passed the would and are on will. That is a much better climb even if it's a hill. Beats sitting on ground with a growing rump, doing nothing but what could and grump. More what will in a singing bass than some humans give a pass. But I guess they like their what could class. I will stick to what will-ing along with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. I'm inbetwween the two at the moment Pat.


  2. Would've, could've, should've - doesn't get you anywhere.

  3. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve usually means one chose an alternative route. It could be favorable or not depends on the situation. If you took a wrong path don’t dwell in the past, change the course with these little words ‘I will’

    Empower yourself to succeed

    1. I will can get you there
      As long as ready to do it at one's lair

    2. If not ready then these words may come into play
      I might, some day...usually meaning never

    3. Never is usually the case
      With such an embrace

  4. I get stuck in the should lane

  5. I might could, but then again I might not!

  6. I'm not even sure where I am right now. LOL

    1. lol stuck in all places
      Fill up many head spaces

  7. I try not to worry about woulda, coulda, shoulda and just be happy with right now.

  8. A Little Could In The Hood!
    Likely right to set the mood
    Try do no wrong
    For just a song
    Could and would make for good


  9. I'm sometimes stuck in should have
    and think about it too much
    I should just let things go
    and stop making a fuss.


  10. I try to stay out of the hood, but I do sometimes get stuck in the could. Could is a much safer space to be, I believe.

    1. Yeah, safer than getting shot
      And letting your body umm rot

  11. Whether could, would or willing, have a good week, Pat.

  12. I have to admit that I do stay in what could have sometimes. You do that sometimes when you've had lots of losses. But I try to keep trucking on.

    1. Have to keep on a going
      With life's showing

  13. I think we all deal a bit too much in possibilities as opposed to what we can actually affect, accomplish, etc.

    1. Yep, and sit around and mope
      Not doing anything like a dope

  14. I'm a "what if?" man,
    That sure made the shit hit the fan . . . lol

    1. But did it make you scoff?
      Hopefully the fan was off

  15. This week is what woulds all over the place.

    I'm feeling down from broken promises I've left unfulfilled.
    But seeing your poetry always makes me grin and begin to have
    a good day again.

    1. Glad we can make the day grand
      At least a little in our land

  16. We all wish we could be Albert Schweitzer or Gandhi
    But hey, i’ll Be lucky to do something handy.
    I just hope when I am dead
    That no one looks at my picture with dread.
    Or say who is that blond brat
    Forgotten like some dead rat.

    1. haha enemies might
      But haunt and give fright

  17. Wise words, Pat! You have to turn could into action, if you want to accomplish anything. You're a master at that!

  18. Oh, what all I could do
    If I didn’t have to live at the work zoo
    But without the paycheck each week
    I wouldn’t have funds for all I seek


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