A Perfect Stance? Fat Chance!

The cat was going this way and that and then I was accosted by Pat. He wanted me to pose. I guess he has reached new lows. But then he did not specify, so I let many fly.

What do you want?
Must you and that flashy thing taunt?
Go bother Cass.
She's a posing lass.

The cranky wake up.
See? Fill your cup.
I won't fall for your trap.
I have to go get into crap.

Hmm. What's behind here.
Yeah, look at my rear.
That is all you shall see.
Time to flee.

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Oh, I got an itch.
Those can be a bitch.
Look at my foot go.
Enjoying the show?

I'll knock down your clothes.
That ought to bring woes.
Hmmm maybe the water thing.
I could give that a fling.

Not looking at you.
Nope. Not getting a view.
Are you still there?
Yep, I'm aware.

Go away!
Hear what I say.
Stop snapping the pics
That's one too many clicks.

I'll jump on your head.
That will put it to bed.
Would you like to see that?
Go bother another cat.

Got my eye on you.
Are we through?
You sure don't listen well.
This flashy thing isn't swell.

Are you happy now?
I posed somehow,
You got it out of me.
I will get back at thee.

Ever get followed around by a camera nut? Pat sure was in a rut. He snapped and snapped away. I just wanted to play. Like make a big mess. More or less. But I couldn't do that with him on my butt. So I ended his rut. At least first I gave him plenty of sass. That always works well for me little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Perfect Stance? Fat Chance!
    On some days one can be blunt
    Now a camera buff
    Hand-phone stuff
    Archive the pics easily done!


  2. A hundred shots later and you got a good pose.

  3. Sometimes you have to give in, just like the cat did!

  4. Nice shots, Pat
    Of your very persistent cat . . :)

  5. Mighty fine-looking Cat
    Stalked by camera-wielding Pat!

  6. The last pose looks very regal. Like he's the king of the desk.

    1. Sure thinks he's king of all
      As he goes about our hall

  7. What is it that animals don't like their pictures taken?
    Do they think it makes them feel forsaken?

    But I do like the picture of his pose
    Maybe he was afraid you would spray him with a hose.


    1. Could be afraid of it
      But yeah, many animals don't think it a hit

  8. Well, it was fun for a while!

  9. oh the paparazzi....and on a bad hair day too

  10. He's just like Star. Hates the camera. It takes me a lot of tries to get a decent shot of him.

    1. Sure takes a bunch
      Thinks it's out to lunch

  11. Your cat is adorable. He looks a lot like my Tiger.
    And oh, yes, he scratches a lot too.
    Don't tell him I said that, it's just between me and you.

    1. Scratches sure come due
      Have to watch at many a zoo

  12. Being a lover of cats these pictures were right up my street. Thanks for sharing them with us,


  13. I love seeing pictures of the crew:)

  14. That fourth one is just plain weird-looking... in a good way!

  15. I don't want to give your cat a fat head, but he is absolutely gorgeous! The way the fur on his back looks, he looks like a leopard or some other wild cat. Just beautiful.

    1. He may get a fat head
      But sure that won't cause him dread

  16. He seems to be getting tired of being stalked by the Paw-Parazzi. Now we just need to see him throw a celebrity tantrum and knock the camera out of your hands lol

  17. They say they don’t want to strike a pose
    But the opposite shows
    How they strut
    Like Madonna and her butt

  18. Loved this post, of course. I can't get over how beautiful your markings are, Orlin. I bet you went after the clothes in the closet just so you could show everyone your beautiful coat. In our house, I'm the nut with the camera. I'd be chasing you just like Pat, but I think you enjoy it!

    1. Yeah, he seems to enjoy it indeed
      As I can't get at him if I have a camera in my hand at my feed
      Or so he thinks
      As in the badness sinks

  19. Haha these were all cute! What was he trying to get in the closet? Knock everything over and cause Pat some woes. The last one is a great pose.

    1. He just wanted to search and look
      And knock everything down at our nook


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