A Regular Happen Comes A Tappin!

This post just happened to come in. That sure isn't a sin. It happened to come in today. Did you expect anything else at your bay? No? That is good at your show. But did you expect this? Come now, don't 

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A regular rhyme,
Done many a time.
Nearly 3100 to be exact.
Picking apart many an act.

Warning: This post contains many things that may do many things that will leave you hiding in some long lost wings that may make you think things while you are hiding away in the wings.

Regular as a good umm hit.
You know, baseball for a bit.
Like making it to third base.
A home run may be a better case.

This just in: The phone will ring at your bin. You will yap for an hour and you may lose power. Don't blame this space. We only passed it along with a happy face.

Regular like any other day.
The ones that end in y, okay.
Make like a tree and get outta here.
Hmm, is a DeLorean near?

Breaking news: Humans are being put into stews. A cannibal clan is making a go at marketing in mass. So the next time you eat stew, you may be chewing on some old lady's ass.

Regular like a baby crying.
Especially when stew you are frying.
Why would they want that?
Didn't you learn from the cat?

This is something extra for you. Hollywood can't produce anything new. Farcebook doesn't care about your highlight reel. Maybe the two can make a deal?

A regular rhyme,
Tossed out each time.
Even with a shift, flop or flip.
The cat shoots from the hip.

Note to each one of you: Idioms aren't actually real life that are in view. No one shoots from a hip or tosses out rhymes. Unless they write them down on paper, bounce them off hips and hit scary mimes.

Did you see what I did there? Are you all screwed up now at your lair? Do you get miffed when your schedule gets shifted? Hey, up your day could be lifted. Or more crap could come due. Could always flush it down the loo. Either way, some hiccup or other pain will come to pass, just like today as I annoy with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I congratulate you Pat on your regular thymes, always good to read. A big thank you from me.


  2. My schedule is a mess today, lol. I'm not happy about it either. Plus I'm late, so deciding to sit down and visit a couple of blogs just makes sense, right? #procrastinating

    1. haha yeah, makes sense to me
      Have a procrastination spree

  3. Not much worse than having your napping schedule messed with!

  4. I’ll pass on the cannibal stew
    That will leave more for you
    You’re making readers squint
    with the different style print

  5. I'm thinking this is how I want my daily news - through your blog. Thanks

  6. My eyeballs are rolling
    And senses take a toling
    With font options galore
    And hiccups that won’t let me snore

  7. Thank goodness I hate stew
    That means I won’t be munchi;g on Beast Sue

  8. Keep it coming then. Just don't put us in the stew.

  9. I like my schedule, don't mess with it.

  10. A Regular Happen Comes A Tappin!
    Knocking off schedules and hoping
    Take a stew
    Offer a few
    Keeping to a good doctor is enriching


    1. Enriching it can be
      When a good one is found by thee

  11. Well, Wild West cowboys used to shoot from the hip. Does that count?

    1. Could count a little bit
      Depends on what they hit

  12. You've done 3100 rhymes? That's a lot of brain power there.

    1. Easy as can be
      Around there it shall stay for a while from me

  13. Don't mind being mixed up at my place
    but some of those fonts were really small
    had to get out my magnifying glass
    so I could make them very tall


  14. Go with the flow
    Pay as you go

  15. Thank heavens I don't eat stew.
    That leaves more to ear for you.

  16. Mm, my eyes are half asleep. That should be "more to eat for you."

  17. You can keep the stew for now, but I might need that recipe this Halloween.

    1. Halloween nazi strikes once more
      There at her shore

  18. I wasn't annoyed at all by your rhyme, so long as it's never stew time!


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