A Round With No Round Comes Around!

The cat has heard this a time or two, so I am going to do it at my zoo. Maybe I really won't. Know you don't. But know you soon will. It may or may not fit the bill.

Things to do.
Things to view.
Things are done.
Now return to fun.

Let all know.
Give them a show.
A clickbait clip show.
My, it's all in a row.

The roundup of this.
It brought so much bliss.
The roundup of that.
No need to chew fat.

It's all there to see.
Rounded up for thee.
A word it may not be.
But pffft, speech is free.

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I got the crown.
There was no frown.
Out of the town.
A roundup and not down.

Hold on there.
I have things to spare.
Things you might want.
I may want to flaunt.

Roundup is done.
But I have more fun.
At least fun for me.
Don't you want to see?

Was that a yes?
I made the right guess.
I just know I did.
No need to round up the bid.

This isn't math.
Go take a bath.
I'll be right back.
This sure won't lack.

Now can you see?
A rounddown for thee.
Isn't it a clever clip show?
I'm sleeping, shitting, stepping, and looking out the window.

Hmm I was going to ask why the rounddown is never used. I think I answered that as I amused. Do you ever do a roundup? Have you every had a rounddown fill your cup? Do we really want to see the mundane? Clip shows still suck and are a pain. But we'll round them all up and toss them in the sea. Now that is a roundup that can come to be. Making fun of the word sure can take an interesting pass. So is the way of the brain of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A great poem Pat most thought provoking on my part.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Round up if it’s over five
    Round down if under five
    It’s math at my hive

    Here is a roundup of some beach destinations, they are in alphabetical order... care to add a few to the roundup...

    Bora bora beach
    Key Weat
    Siesta key

    Where would you go? I need to know.. lol..

    1. haha there you go
      A fine math show
      With beaches like that
      On could sure find scat
      And scat we would
      No beaches at our hood

  3. sometimes you have to roundup enough change in your car for a taco!

  4. Rounding up in taxes really sucks
    Just another way they take your bucks

  5. When it comes to prices, I'd rather they rounded down.

  6. One of my sisters is kind of round. OUCH, she whapped me!

  7. are you ok ?? have a nice weekend Pat!

  8. Rounddown is just too weird
    that's why it is not in play
    but I hope you have a
    lovely start of March day!


  9. A Round With No Round Comes Around!
    Betcha it is not so easy to be found
    Rounding up to be in luck
    None to easily get hugged
    Not to be off the mark by staying down


  10. In my line of work, I round up expenses daily. I always shake my head when people round down when it should always be the opposite. If it is $19.99 that is once cent shy of $20.00 without the tax but most people, include my dear hubby, almost always say it is $19.00-.99 Cents off. Sigh and slapping forehead

    1. That drives me nuts, too. "It's only nineteen dollars!" "No, it isn't, dammit!!!"

    2. haha yeah that is kinda sad
      Can see how it would drive one mad

  11. Seems like at the end of the years there's always a roundup of clips on tv.

  12. orlin N cassie; sinz math fanz we iz knot we can onlee think oh round up az de herbicide ;) ♥♥☺☺

    1. Well that could work
      May or may not be a perk

  13. I always had to roundup my third graders when I took them out for an extra recess. I took them out many times when the weather was good. It was one way I could push back against all the craziness that was done to little kiddos in the name of testing and accountability.

    1. That is a great thing to do
      I had a teacher that did the same too

  14. I have to round up the kitties when it's time to eat.
    They are especially fond of a treat.
    No need to round up the dog, for he gobbles his food down fast.
    It's barely in his dish and that's how long it lasts.

    1. haha the pup will sure go to it
      While cats take their time a bit

  15. A rounddown I have done before
    when I want the cost to sound a bit lower. haha.

    1. haha trying to delude one's self
      To get what is on the shelf?

  16. My stepmom worked as a cashier and anytime the total came to $6.66, she would round down to $6.65. She wasn't taking any money related to the beast.

    1. hahaha I've actually had one do that
      Crazy where they are at


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