A Twist And Turn As We Learn!

Up we go.
Down we flow.
In we step.
Out we pep.

Around and through.
Came to you.
Over and back.
Sure can't lack.

A twist and shout.
That popped out.
A twist and turn.
Felt that burn.

A mingle and chat.
Adds to the stat.
A bend and shift.
Been given a gift.

A yawn and stretch.
Something to fetch.
A relax and view.
That has come due.

A bend and shake.
A fine partake.
A wiggle and waltz.
Sure can't be false.

A jump and jiggle.
Look at that wiggle.
A shimmy and shake.
Another fine partake.

A known and new.
Make quite a view.
A more and yet not.
An ever expanding plot.

A bend and shift.
Thoughts now drift.
A drift to more.
Creating a lore.

A towel and cease.
Stifles the increase.
A twist and burn,
Increases the learn.

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That just popped out for the insecure shout. For the more we twist what we know, the more we can add to it and learn at our show. If something doesn't work, we know it's not a perk. If something does a little bit, we know we have to bend and shift it. Then something just make fully work. All from not quitting and keeping on a bending things to get that perk. Just when you bend be careful of gas. That tends to pop out of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Very thought provoking post Pat.


  2. Now the song Twist and Shout is going through my head...

  3. My thoughts often drift
    somewhere beyond the cliffs

  4. Yawn, stretch, relax...these are a few of my favorite things!

  5. Never quit, a motto of mine
    Must keep pushing all the time

  6. I jump and giggle wrong I'll hurt myself.

  7. You put your right foot in. You take your right foot out! Ha. Imagine a cat doing that.

  8. A Twist And Turn As We Learn!
    In the process get better informed
    Adapt to change
    Not to restrain
    But to go forward to later discern


  9. Always good to twist about
    unless it goes your back to go out!


  10. If you're not flexible, you're bound to break! So true.

  11. A twist is alright. I'd rather it just fit though.

  12. The older I get, the more these words sound like the devil to me. My body is more creak and squeak than shimmy and shake these days.

    1. Yeah, sucks a bunch
      Comes with even a crunch

  13. I'm with Alex! I have "Twist and Shout" running through my head!
    For persistence there is a lot positive to be said.

  14. Shimmy and Shake
    like a pudding cake.
    Twist and Shout
    well, that's what it's all about.
    Now my body aches
    for goodness sakes.

  15. Twist and shout here as well. For many our age, the skin under the biceps have jiggle and wiggle thing going on.

  16. twist and shout, no time to pout
    pour out the words, like a water spout

  17. Shimmy and shake...it's the writer's dance!

  18. Twist and shout makes me think of a song and dance!

  19. Made me want to tap my foot. Shimmer and shake, lol. Enjoyed.

  20. Twist and shout.
    What's that all about?

  21. I can't do all of that moving. The bends and the twists...I have metal in my back. lol :P


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