An Optional State Opens The Gate!

The option to read is right here at my feed. All you needed to do was click. Then of course let your eyes do the trick. Would that be trick? Is it tricky to pick? Bah, it beats the cat. Not literally though where we are at.

Options of life.
Some may bring strife.
The option is there.
One may have to beware.

Some lead to more.
What could be in store.
Some lead to less.
Won't even have a guess.

One word is taken.
Whether true or fakin.
With one it is done.
The either or run.

More will be lost.
With the word they are tossed.
Tossed in an abyss.
But could still bring bliss.

If that's your thing.
Or not at your wing.
Then give it a shout.
Let that no out.

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All options gone.
Sure not a con.
They just up and left.
Options with no heft.

Floated into space.
With the no embrace.
Or maybe into a pit.
Hey, you said it.

Options have passed.
You may as well be gassed.
For now there you sit.
Again, you said it.

There you watch.
There you suck scotch.
There you wallow.
Come on now, swallow.

Sit in your funk.
Yes led to a slam dunk.
Just not for you.
Was that a boo hoo?

Options sure can pile on from yes. Usually more and not less. But yes isn't always a good thing. No sure can be grand to sing. But no means options are toast. Do you stick with one more than the other at your coast? We will continue to say yes to sass. It is a fine way to be for my optional little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. One has to take a chance when taking options as I have found out to my cost.

    Have a good weekend Pat.


    1. That one has to do
      Can cost through and through

  2. Too many options can drive one crazy.

  3. We know how to say no to too many options!

  4. An Optional State Opens The Gate!
    Give a choice and not to tempt fate
    To give a chance
    To whet his wants
    Fairness to those pressured of late


  5. Most cars have so many options now, the dash looks like a computer.

    1. Need a computer degree to fix it
      Los of unneeded shit

  6. too many options on television. Easier to just open a book

  7. I agree with Joanne - too many options on television, but I just keep watching the same networks again and again! And yes, books are better!

    1. Lots of crap too
      As the options for good are few

  8. Too many options? Just take a stroll down the cereal aisle of our local grocery store. Options are great, I suppose, but why do they have to stop stocking the cereal we've eaten for years to make way for fifteen more sugar-laden choices?

    1. All about who pays the most for that spot in the store
      At least for some, so that's why there is no encore

  9. We all have several options to any thing that we do.

  10. I like to keep my options open!

  11. "Sign up now or you'll lose out!"
    That's a scam without a doubt.

  12. Options, so many of them. Choosing a movie, a TV program, or what shirt to wear. We have to sort through them all.

  13. Replies
    1. Sorta kinda could be
      Can go on all day at one's sea

  14. I have really hard time choosing when I have too many options. I have to do a lot of research before picking’s exhausting!

    1. lol by then do you even care?
      As you go through a lot at your lair

  15. Options galore is not a good store
    better to have just one or two
    makes it easier to get things done
    with not more but few


    1. Yeah, easier to get it done
      With a little option run

  16. I hate those Coke machines that give you tons of options. There's usually only one machine that only one person can use at a time. If you get stuck behind someone who has to go through every damn option, you might as well kiss eating hot food goodbye.

    1. Yep, may as well eat
      And later get one for a treat


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