Believe In The Cat Where You Are At!

Wherever you are, believe my sand bar. Why is that? Because I am a rhyming cat. Because I'm rhyming for you. Because I'm not spiky haired like Blue. Because...oh just because it's on the internet. That is always a safe bet.

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An uber secret is here.
I discovered it in an ear.
It was moving right along.
I heard its merry song.

It wants to infect you all.
The short, fat, and tall.
The dead it didn't say.
That could go either way.

It has fangs and claws.
It doesn't obey laws.
It wants to suck your life.
Nope, not vampire strife.

It sucks your thoughts away.
It eats them ten times a day.
Then it and another mate.
You ideas open the flood gate.

They bang and flop.
Now 50,000 more drop.
In the blink of an eye.
Damn, they sure are spry.

Now they have you.
Your whole body is stew.
No clear thoughts for you.
If you even had a few.

Stuck like a stone.
They'll never leave you alone.
You are their host.
They won't even let you post.

They eat your very words.
They'll eat tweets from birds.
Soon all around you will be blank.
You are their gas tank.

They have you full up.
They even got the pup.
Your whole house is infected.
Nope, they can't be detected.

You are theirs forever.
Unless one is clever.
Their weakness is...we don't know.
I bet you could figure it out though.

Do you believe the cat? What can they be that are in you where you are at? Could they be alien gunk? Can gunk hump in a funk? That may be bad. But here it is at my pad. It's on the internet so it is true. Believe everything you see in view? Thanks, now you can believe my pass. I'll never let them invade my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I love cats and miss Tennessee who moved away some weeks ago. Loved the verse as always.


  2. What kills me is that people in the comments try to correct some of the ignorance out there, but are always ignored!

    1. Ignored they are
      Ignorance just spreads far

  3. Can't believe everything on the Internet is true
    If one does believe that
    then I guess they would believe
    a rhyming cat


  4. I just look to your blog for the news. I know it's true

  5. Believe In The Cat Where You Are At!
    Not having to ask but is it a safe bet?
    Internet not to believe
    Rightly so, what a relief
    Just do your own thing with no regrets!


  6. Some people believe everything they see/read/hear.

  7. It's on the internet so it must be true.

    1. much truer than Fox News at least.

    2. I take exception to that. Fox News is the best.

    3. That it must
      In Fox News you can maybe, sorta, kinda trust

  8. The cat is the keeper
    of an uber secret
    just dig a bit deeper

    ha - I will be calling Uber today
    I will ask if they have any secrets
    and see what they say...haha

  9. The Cat is all wise. Internet is every changing.

  10. Oh I will live in fear now! Those fangs and claws terrify me.

  11. Lots of gullibility out there.
    You really have to beware!
    Kind of funny what people will believe
    and what the writers will achieve!

    1. Yep, really funny what they believe when read or heard
      People can be absurd

  12. When I was young, I believed everything I was told.
    Now I know better, cause I'm wiser, notice I didn't say cause I'm old. :)

    1. haha wiser is a better way
      We learn each day

  13. Are you talking about insecurities? LOL

    1. lol insecure in this and that
      Never at one's mat

  14. I’m not sure what this is all about
    To figure this out
    Internet has good info to be true
    But it has crap which should be flushed down the loo

    1. Crap it has by the ton
      With the odd good run

  15. When someone starts a sentence with "I saw it online", I usually think what's about to come out of their mouth is going to be one big tall tale.

    1. Yep, usually the way
      Brain rot from what they say


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