Get The Meaning With This Screening!

The cat is here to get you meaning. That will be quite the screening. Or maybe just another post. Hey, it is easy to make fun of you at my coast. Humans sure don't make it hard. They must be the joker card.

A new day has come.
The sun isn't glum.
It shines upon you.
As it does every other zoo.

Unless cloud or night.
But screw weather taking flight.
You already talk enough about that.
No need to be a repeat weather nut dingbat.

For we need something more.
Like the sun shining on your shore.
Here we go with an encore.
Sorry, does it at every shore.

Unless...damn you.
No weather to come due.
We need something more.
A hidden meaning to explore.

No, that's not it.
What's with this spit?
Spit as in you drool.
That is so not cool.

Or maybe it is?
Should we hold a quiz?
Could get some insight.
Should drool take flight?

Was that a no?
Sorry, that strikes a blow.
It can't just be that.
Multiple choice to create a stat.

One that we fake.
Like a germy handshake.
Some handshake deal.
Yeah, those end up real.

We need something more.
Here we go with the encore.
Yeah. Yeah. The sun shines on you.
Well whoopdi friggin doo.

Oh, there is a meaning?
It's not the same as my sunny screening?
It holds far more at your sea?
I think meaningful was just described by thee.

Meaningful for you.
Holds far more in view.
While congrats from a cat.
You can hold in far more scat.

Doesn't meaningful hold such grand things? You better go before having flings. Spring is soon coming. You'll hear that humming. Is it more meaningful to you? Did the cat take that a bit far at our zoo? Is the meaning now full up? Maybe you might want to ask a pup. The weather sure must be a meaningful conversation to all. You say it enough at your hall. But wouldn't that make it an every day, ordinary pass? Bah, I'll stick to emptying my not so meaningful little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Get The Meaning With This Screening!
    Knowing it's meaningful is a sure thing
    Getting on to screening
    Get it ready for a fling
    Such is anticipation for an early spring


  2. When the weather apps on our phones ding, my wife and I look at each other and say Weather is coming!
    Usually rain.
    I hate rain now.

    1. Weather is a trending topic as it directly effects your day in some way.

      I have had enough snow for this winter but, as temperatures rise it will soon be rain.

      I want to see and feel the warmth of the sun...

    2. Rain is needed
      Or dry wells will be seeded
      But yeah, it sucks
      Except for maybe the ducks

  3. weather is very important to plans, outerwear choices, etc. I'm amazed by the young guys I work with who have no clue - each day dawns anew and they don't wear a coat. Duh!

    1. haha well if it is warm
      One can make it through a storm

  4. Oh my, The meaning of life
    This can cause such strife.
    What we do can make us feel like new.
    Yesterday, I felt old and tired to be true

    1. Tired sucks a bunch
      Can get that way by lunch

  5. Bring on the snow!
    Tons and tons of flow
    Before off to work I go
    And then I’ll stay home and sew

  6. We're done with Winter, really done. DING!

    1. Ding dong, it's dead
      Off with winter's head

  7. Replies
    1. lol . . . . I agree and I am so pleased to discover I am not thick? . . . lol

    2. You mean you didn't see the initial screening?
      It clearly said the meaning

  8. Whether the weather be good
    Or whether the weather be bad.
    I'll whether the weather
    Whatever the weather
    Whether I like it
    Or not!

    The winter is getting old
    And will die soon, then no more cold.

    1. Yippee for me too!
      as winter I wish to shooo...


    2. Weather the weather whether whatever
      Soon the cold will be a passing endeavor

  9. The sun is shining today. First time in forever;)

  10. I had 4 seasons in one fecking day yesterday!

    1. haha gave you them all
      Wanted you to have a ball

  11. Supposed to be 80 next week
    so that is meaningful for me
    just loving the warmth before the hot
    that makes me sing joyfully


    1. Warmth but not to hot
      Sure is fine at any lot

  12. Today in Southern CA is 56 deg F/21 deg. C. A year ago it was 76 deg F/25 deg C. We have had tons of rain this year. Last year we were in a terrible drought.
    Go figure.

    1. Weather just wants to play
      All different every day

  13. orlin N cassie; ya wanna noe whatz meening full in de land oh trout.....sleep N snax tho may bee knot in thiz order...


    1. haha depends on the day
      Which is first at your bay

  14. It's nice right now but soon it'll be 117F here (47C). Not looking forward to that.

  15. It's gone back to wind and rain again.......stil Spring IS coming.


  16. I'm confused. I'm not sure there's any meaningful meaning to be found anywhere.

  17. I'm glad it's sunny here and warm enough to walk outside. The promise of spring lifts my spirits.

    1. Hopefully not false hope
      And spring decides to elope

  18. Let the sun shine all day long and all season long....

  19. I am ready for spring. :)

  20. It's really useless to worry about the weather.
    We can't change it to make it better.

  21. I am so ready for warmer days. The sunshine definitely brings more meaning into my life.

  22. We have another snowstorm bearing down on us on Wednesday.
    I'm going to kick back and love this snow day.

    1. Lucky you
      I still have to go out when it comes in view


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