Hit The Street And Treat And Treat And Treat!

The ands sure are piling up these days. I guess humans like their forever maze. That and spending their money. Not the kind that is funny. For belief they take. Or the easy way out they think they make. What is that? Follow the cat.

An issue is had.
Can drive one mad.
From ass to back.
In issues pack.

Can't move or do.
That isn't true.
Believe the nuts.
They talk out their butts.

This pill will do.
If it gets worse, take two.
May cause...we did that.
Not going to be a repeat cat.

But that's not all.
Read the flyer on the wall.
We can help.
We'll fix your yelp.

Come in and get treated.
No lollipop, but it will be defeated.
And by that we mean after a while.
And by that we mean when you smell vile.

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You have to keep coming back.
This will always give you flack.
But we can make you feel better.
You will never have to write a letter.

Unless you want to hype us up.
Then go ahead and fill your cup.
We'll treat you for life.
Or at least until I retire with my wife.

Then you're on your own.
But don't be afraid to pick up the phone.
We will treat and treat and treat.
You can still sit at home and eat.

Doesn't that sound like a deal?
Bah, forget the word heal.
That isn't ever the case.
We can say it with a straight face.

Treatment is what you need.
We will treat and treat at your feed.
Well as long as you have the dough.
When you run out, we'll wave bye as you go.

Don't you love those that want you to come back and back and back? That is how they wallet attack. Treatment and never heal. Can't have that in the deal. If that came due, you would never come back. But people fall for it as they think there is some "magic" they themselves lack. Many of them have their place. But watch that smug smile on their face. You can then choose never to trespass. Or tell them to suck on the gas like the kind from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Good morning Hank
    Where did your photo go?

    1. Hank at a loss
      How did it happen
      Trying to reinstate it
      Forgotten how to do it
      Will try!


    2. Hank is a super spy now
      No photo so the bad guys can go kapow

  2. There are some magic treatments out there. Or maybe not.

  3. As bad as those free games that require you to pay for extras just for play. You keep paying and paying and paying...

    1. Yep, those suck you in too
      Stick their free at their zoo

  4. Replies
    1. Then kick them in the head
      And go back to bed

  5. I don't mind treats or getting treated!

  6. Just did the annual checkup thing
    Done for a year right before spring

  7. Hit The Street And Treat And Treat And Treat!
    They prefer you come back and warm the seat
    Treatment for a time
    Some kind of a scam
    Not to heal but for your dough that's about it


  8. I said that yesterday. It's no wonder health bills are so high...you have to have ten visits before anything can be done.

  9. Been to places like that
    but once I realize the lay of the land
    I get out of it as quickly as I can!


    1. Get out is the way
      And let them take no more pay

  10. I always wondered about people who see psychiatrists, or psychologists, or therapists, etc. Does the person who's being paid Lord-knows-how-much per hour ever say, "Hey, you're cured! You can spend all that money somewhere else now!"

    1. haha never heard about that being said
      Always something wrong, according to them, in one's head

  11. I just want to be treated nicely in life!

  12. They give you a pill
    That will heal your ill.
    If that one doesn't do the trick
    They'll try another one quick.

  13. I had my doctor in Chicago call me to come back in for a follow up to a procedure I had in December. Just for the nurse to look me over. I don't even get to see the doctor. Uh, no. That's a 2 hour trip there, then another 2 hours home just so your nurse can see me for 5 minutes. No thank you!

    1. Yeah, that is just super dumb
      But they get the dough, so they try and stick out the bread crumb

  14. I like to get treats but the treatment I get from my doctor I could do without.


  15. Better to stay away from all of those pills.
    If addicted, you will add a lot to your bills!

  16. There are some crazy treatments out there.
    I avoid them at my lair.

  17. Scientology is the biggest scam out there
    They prey on the insecure and ensnare
    These troubled souls.
    People lose all to gain an upper level
    These schmucks must love the devil.

    1. Schmucks they are
      More sense in a drunk at a bar


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