Interlopers Galore Are In Store!

The cat gets to deal with much each day. They want to steal my stuff and have me play. Pfft to that. They just get a whack from the cat. I may give chase too. I have been known to eat the dog as well at that other zoo.

Can you see me?
That look isn't glee.
You must know that.
I'm a ticked off cat.

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There it is.
The start of this biz.
It is a mutt.
How dare he enter our hut.

Need a closer look?
Bah, there's that other crook.
Two came to play.
No way is what I say.

Pat said they have it worse.
That many would make me curse.
11 and I'd jump ship.
The cat would go on a one way trip.

Said these humans have it worse too.
Can you count them all in view?
That is a lot of poop on the lawn.
Okay, I'm getting what's being drawn.

I said okay.
Damn, take it away.
Who wants to be out in that?
Not this cat.

Nope, still not getting in.
Don't look at me as I grin.
Just sit there and stay.
You are supposed to obey.

Bah, off the bed.
Want to lose your head?
That is my spot.
I still don't have to like the interloper lot.

Bah, trying to look all cute.
I don't give a hoot.
Yeah, I'm not a owl.
Go play with the one who likes to howl.

Bah, it's even worse.
This has to be a curse.
It's a poop machine.
Where's that snowy scene?

Do you have interlopers like the ones here? They sure bug my rhyming rear. Or at least I pretend they do. I can chase a few around our zoo. May even nibble on a few. Hey, it's just what I do. At least I don't give the death glare 24/7 like Cass. She's not as nice of a host as my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. That cat looks a little like an owl.
    What would the Cat do if deer invaded his zoo?

    1. Not sure he can hoo though
      Probably run, as they drop A LOT of poo

  2. We usually don't have interlopers indoors, but outdoors there are quite a few visitors!

    1. Good they don't get in
      Not fun, usually, at one's bin

  3. I am always having some interlopers drop by outside. hoo hoo me I am not a owl..haha..

    enjoyed the photos

    I hope you enjoy your special day :)

    1. haha not an owl
      But sure can make the cat howl

  4. Its not fun when interlopers come to stay
    makes one want to hide and not come out to play

    I hope this day is a good one for you
    if I remember correctly it is a memorable one


  5. ducks swimming in our pool are the current interlopers. We clap loudly and they swim from one end to the other. Hope no baby ducks appear soon

    1. haha with many about
      Some babies may sprout

  6. Inside I don't have interlopers- but we have lots of visitors outside which I always enjoy watching. :)

    1. Watching from afar
      Sure better than the door ajar

  7. Interlopers Galore Are In Store!
    Unwelcome they insist being a bore
    Near relatives
    Are inquisitive
    Within reasons or get shown the door


    1. Within reason indeed
      Or treason at our feed

  8. Love this post, Pat! Some of my favorite "interlopers" over the years are four-footed furry canines who've come to stay briefly. We would have a dog if we didn't travel so much. I would have a cat, but Terry doesn't want to live with cats (litter boxes, scratching, climbing the curtains, hairballs, etc.). Of course, guess who loves Terry? He's a cat magnet! LOL

    I enjoyed the photo of the deer, because I am very fond of deer. Your yard looks beautiful and serene, even the snowy, woodsy road. Orlin on top of the fridge and the daxy below is the funniest photo. My mother's cat used to chase her daxy around and around. Then she'd lurk on the coffee table while the dog was still running and jump on him when he came by trying to find her. He never learned! It still makes me laugh! I always love any photos you share of Orlin, Cassie, and the interlopers!

    Enjoy what's left of your weekend. If it's any consolation, we have more snow coming!

    1. haha cats don't want to take the hint with him
      Even if he thinks life with them is grim
      Dogs are far more needy though
      And need one around to let them go
      Plus, they eat poop
      Any kind they'll take for a loop lol
      Contrary to what the cat says though
      He is happy to give dog play time a go
      Cassie is more, you leave me be I leave you be
      Easy going at our sea
      Cats sure know how to out smart many dogs indeed
      Cassie used to jump on the t able and watch Mom's Airedale go round and round the table at her feed
      She'd just sit there and clean herself and look at the dumb mutt
      Then she may give him a whack on the butt
      Not our yard though
      Out and the boondocks where we go
      1 of the 15000 or so we've been on
      Some days we dread the dawn haha
      You can keep the snow
      All rain and sun from here on out, so far, at our show

  9. Visitors are fun, even if they don't know it. :)

  10. At least they are cute visitors.

  11. Bet you are glad they are not lions,
    Then there'd be lots and meos and cryings . . . lol

    Nice photos, Pat

  12. I'm with the Cat. Interlopers aren't my favorite thing to have to deal with. I usually could down the minutes until they leave.

    1. And then the ones that stay
      Need to nudge them on their way

  13. Wonderful verse and photo's Pat. I too am with the cats.


  14. There's that himmie! And look at all the critters.

  15. Oh my, I little dog
    I hope he is not a big hog.
    They can eat but, boy can they bark
    just don't step on him when in the dark.
    No one comes to be
    at our merry sea
    Now have just 3 cats and our dog.
    this works for all, as I sip a little nog:)

  16. I feel your pain with the deer and all their pebble poop!

  17. My goodness, what a change!
    Everything new here at your range!
    But so nice to have you back...
    Now comments my blog won’t lack!!!

    1. haha in the wrong spot
      But it adds to the plot


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