On The Run By The Ton!

The cat was out and about the other day, yeah we did the out and about foray, but I still use it anyway. On with the show, okay? Out we were and then it came. Some human nut ran into human nut with what's his name.

Dash and dine.
That isn't fine.
But fine for me
I eat and flee.

Down the hall.
Up the wall.
Up my tower.
I have the power.

The power to climb.
The power to rhyme.
No power to stop.
That may be a flop.

Like that vase.
Shouldn't have a maze.
Like those plates.
They had bad dates.

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Like those flowers.
Bah, they'll be dead in hours.
Like those picture frames.
Bah, you know their names.

You scream and yell.
What the hell?
Then you say.
You did it today.

I ran into him.
Are you dim?
I ran into her?
You don't have fur.

Now it's okay.
Do you play?
Like the bump ugly way?
Don't want to know, okay?

But run you do.
Me you shoo.
I run into stuff.
You get in a huff.

You run into others,
From strangers to mothers.
And that is just fine?
Time to dash and dine.

Run into anyone lately at your sea? Were you running and did you hit them like I swat a flea? No? Then how does that go? Walking close by? I walked close by to someone under the sky. Should you give that a try? Too wordy on the fly? More brains in the singing bass. Watch out, you may get ran into by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. If I ran into someone, that would hurt.
    It's a phrase like running to the store. Yes, I do run five miles a day, however - I am not running several miles to our grocery store and back. I'm driving.

    1. Yes, even if one wanted to run to the store
      You won't be running back with groceries galore

  2. I don't run much any more at all. The old bones just aren't made for running. Pat,You have one heck of a day.

    1. Mine aren't at our sea
      So screw that are we

  3. I did run into Brother Simon on my way dashing to dine!

    1. Have to get the food
      Hopefully he didn't think it rude

  4. On The Run By The Ton!
    Not to seek out for fun
    Was knee deep
    Out for keeps
    Glad not to have a dry run


  5. I am running late today
    Slept in as it is Saturday

    Running is not for me
    I like to walk, take in the view
    there is always something to see

    I hope your day is grand
    Running across the land

    Why does all this talk of running
    Remind me of Forrest Gump

  6. Haven't really ran in a long time
    These legs I think don't know how
    so now I just enjoy my time walking
    slowly along like a cow


  7. I love more walking than run, but run is fun too :)

  8. I meandered into someone. Just can't walk a straight line. (and yes, I am sober. Just head in the clouds)

  9. I've often watched kids running, and ask myself what they're running for. I look at all the running I did as a child, and say "I did all that running to, what, wind up here?" Recently it occurred to me that the reason kids run everywhere is that, with their shorter legs, they have to run to keep up with the strides of us longer-legged adults.

    God, this comment sounded familiar. I feel like I've written it before somewhere, hopefully not here.

    1. haha familiar it was indeed
      I think you put it at your feed

    2. Haha 😆 I thought it was familiar as well.

    3. Well, you both read my blog, plus I read both of yours, so it could have been written as a comment anywhere! :D

    4. Pretty sure it was your blog though
      And not a comment given a go

    5. Maybe both. This could be the third time I've written it! Ha.

  10. Haha! I'm always running into people when I'm out and about,
    so I usually try not to be out and about, especially when I'm in an introverted space. You certainly have fun with language, Pat! Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Best to avoid when in introvert mode
      But as you travel, must run into a load

  11. I'm more of a hobbler than a runner, but if anyone runs into ME, it's because they're looking at their stupid phones and not paying any attention to where they're going.

    Time for lunch... gotta run! HA

    1. haha the phone nuts are about
      Going to eat lunch out?

  12. I try to stay as far away from the weirdos around my apartment complex as I can. No running into anyone.

  13. I used to be really friendly when I walked but now realize that not everyone is like me. Shopping and standing in line is where I can say hi and feel safe.

    1. Yeah, probably best that way
      At least others around if the weirdos are their to pay

  14. I don't run, I walk.
    That way I can talk.
    Tiger, my walking partner, sometimes answers me.
    If only we spoke the same language, golly gee.

    1. Would be easier that way
      As around you foray

  15. I sometimes run into my coworker in a grocery store. It’s kind of awkward to see them outside the office!

    1. Not all prim and proper?
      So kinda a umm flopper?

  16. Why would anyone run?
    That crap's no fun.
    Walking's just fine.
    Ya get there in time.

    1. Yeah, running is crap
      We'd rather take a nap

  17. I do run and hide when I spot someone I know in the grocery store. I just wanna get my stuff and get out, not gab in the aisles for 20 minutes about nothing.

    1. I did that the other day
      Avoided him like the plague at our bay


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