Opt In Before Out With This Shout!

The cat has you opted in at our loony bin. Did you know that? No? Well tough luck where you are at. If you want to opt out you'll have to talk to a Timbuktu dog. Or maybe that's a frog.

A list for you.
A service for me.
Or both come due,
From little old we.

We being the winner.
You being the winner.
My, we aren't a sinner.
We'll both get a great dinner.

We take and you give.
That's the opt in way.
You need it to live.
You magically joined the fray.

You know you did.
You dreamed it up.
Don't pretend it was hid.
It was in your magic cup.

That is right.
It was there.
Cue the spotlight.
You were aware.

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You opted in.
You opted with a click.
That is the win.
Don't be a dick.

That's on us?
Oh, come on.
Don't make a fuss.
This isn't a con.

You opted in.
You did it at night.
Take it on the chin.
Everything will be all right.

Just pay the fee.
Just take the mail.
Let everything be.
Now you can't fail.

You want to opt out?
We don't know how to do that.
Sorry, but that's not what we're about.
Just stay opted in where you're at.

Ever get opted into something that you never opted into? I'm sure there are a few things at many a zoo. Then when you try to opt out they magically have no clue. If you can find their magically hidden number or email address in view. Aren't you glad all you get opted in for here is my sass? That can never be opted out of from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I g[am very pleased O opt to read your daily verse.
    Cheers me up no end.
    Keep up the good work dear Pat.
    Weekend wishes I do send.


  2. Fortunately the opting in has become less frequent. Maybe that European privacy law scared a few.

  3. Drives me crazy trying to opt out. Norton makes you jump through lots of hoops to get out and then still does pop up windows trying to cnvince you that you'll be sorry!

    1. Yep, they have those sorry crap
      Always taking another lap

  4. opt ins can be tricky. Or I had a subscription with the Wall Street Journal. I assumed I had not re-upped. I never paid for their subscription. But I kept getting it. Finally found out they had another form to fill out. Say what?

    1. haha tricky they can be
      At each and every sea

  5. i ordered a pair of shoes on line and ended up on their mailing list. Now, they send emails everyday. I tried to unsubscribe to opt out but, it took me to a page that says no display.

    I called them to say, hey! I want to opt out. I was told to use the unsubscribes option. It doesn’t work, I explained. Then they told me to go to a store and they could fix it and for my troubles they would give me 30% off. Are you kidding me? I just want out, I wanted to shout!!!!

    I stopped at a store it was in the mall, I told them my woe. They said, I had to log in and opt out,
    it doesn’t work ‘, I explained. The sales woman said ‘sorry, but they had a big sale and she would give me 40% off. I wanted to scream make a big scene... haha... I said, , ‘how do I opt out of
    this craziness’

    she explained, ‘when you ordered on line and entered your email for tracking you opted in’ wow, what a scam,, to those I now hit spam. I am forever caught in their opt in and I want an opt out..it makes my head spin, for me this is not a win.

    Should I scream and shout? Lol

    Live and learn....

    1. haha wow, that is sure a process at your sea
      Scammers big time after thee
      Could report them to the BBB though
      But is it worth it when in the spam they go?

  6. I’ve missed the tiny opt-in a time or two
    Makes me want to kick the computer with my shoe

    1. haha just don't break it
      That could cost a bit

  7. I've opted out and still get emails. Eventually I add them to my blocked list and report them as spam.

  8. Opting out can be a real pain in the derriere. Companies must figure if they make the process difficult enough, people will simply give up and stop trying. There are some gym memberships that work like that. Once members agree to having a monthly fee automatically deducted from their banking accounts, they can never get out of it. Or so I've heard.

    1. Yeah, I've heard of a few that way
      Have to jump through 50 hoops before they stop taking your pay

  9. Opt In Before Out With This Shout!
    They made it such, no way to opt out
    It is all but a scam
    To corner your name
    One way is to block them and stay out


  10. We are really not big fans of getting opted in when we least expect it!

  11. I'm still trying to opt out of the
    calls for warranty for vehicle repairs
    I keep telling them to remove me from their list
    but they keep calling me with their wares


    1. haha I've had that on a car long past gone
      I just ignore them at this point and trash it and its con

  12. That's happened to me before. I went to get a free sample and because one of the little boxes I didn't see was checked, I was subscribed to a magazine subscription.

    1. All it takes is one little box
      They sneak them in there and treat them like unopened locks

  13. I HATE when someone automatically says you're getting something, or they're doing something, etc. whether you like it or not UNLESS you opt-out! What gives them the right to make your decisions for you? And I'm not even talking about the sneaky shit where you sign up for something unless you uncheck that almost-unseeable box on the page.

    1. They have the right they think
      For you are getting whatever and it should tickle you pink

  14. L Diane Wolff said what I would say. Opt in, then try to opt out.

  15. Oh yes. My boys got opted into a medicare plan that we did not need or ask for. And now that they have it, we cannot change the plan until November. The current plan covers nothing. Ugh. Boo. WTH. lol....

    1. That is just nonsense
      All comes back to dollars and cents

  16. I will opt out if there's a fee. And I unsubscribe from emails too. Keep my inbox free from scams and offers.

    1. Good luck with that
      Scams still find our mat

  17. I did get opted into something even though I opted out! For some companies, no means yes!

    1. Yep, they just keep on with it
      No matter what opt in you hit

  18. I have a gmail that I only use for business, so I never use it to sign up for newsletters. Magically though, I still have some coming through daily.

    1. Gotta love how that magically takes place
      And you get more crap from cyber space

  19. The political emails are some of the worst.
    They want to do good, but send the donation first.

    1. Need that dough
      As they try with a crap show


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