Option This Little Hiss!

The cat has many options on where to sleep. I rotate a bit at our keep. Some go for months with no love. But not my tower that rises above. Just choose and sleep. Easy peasy at our keep. But what about you? Such big decisions come due.

I have this.
I have that.
One may miss.
The other could go splat.

Which way do I go?
Which way do I choose?
I just don't know.
I may very well lose.

One could go up.
Same could go down.
The other may come with a hiccup.
It may leave me with a frown.

How do I pick?
Which is the best?
Is there some trick?
Is there some test?

Another is presented.
Now I have three.
The third may be resented.
This could bring woes to me.

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Or maybe the first.
Or maybe the middle.
My head is going to burst.
I think I let out some piddle.

Which one is for me?
Can't you tell?
Can't you see?
I'm going through hell.

I can't pick.
It is too hard.
One may be a trick.
One may be a bad card.

What if I ignore?
What if I refuse?
This is such a chore.
But I don't want to lose.

What? They are gone?
I waited too long?
They must have been a con.
Yeah. Yeah. They were all wrong.

Are you an indecisive nut stuck in an indecisive rut? Too many options sure can suck sometimes but it beats none or watching mimes. Have to just pick what you think is best and go. Get on with the show. Beats having them all run out and now back to 0 options about. Of course some may make excuses in mass. Pfffft to them goes my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Yes Pat I am certasinly stuck in a rut but only time will see me through. Loved the verse.

    Happy week.

  2. Not indecisive, but I'm very careful when making choices. Not to the point that I miss out though.

    1. Have to take a bit of time
      And not jump in on a dime

  3. I do agree that sometimes too many choices lead to no choice at all.

  4. I never have a problem deciding where to sleep...or when!

  5. Sometimes making decisions is a drag
    Then everyone begins to nag

  6. I don't wait to make decisions although sometimes I really should ponder a little longer.

    1. Pondering can help
      Can save one from a future yelp

  7. I tend to make some decisions really quick
    but then they are hard to stick
    so sometimes I take my time
    and those usually end up just fine


  8. My friend is just this way
    she goes to and fro, I watch her sway.
    No decision from her...ever.
    she can talk for 2 hrs-I want to pull the lever
    and see her drop into some hole
    but she is my friend and I'm not an asshole.

    1. haha could put a pillow at the bottom
      And fish her out next autumn

  9. I can sleep on a rock
    I can sleep with no socks
    I can sleep on my back
    I can sleep in a sack
    I can sleep most anywhere
    In PJs or underwear
    I'm lazy, you see
    Oops, look at the time!
    Time to catch more Zs.

    1. On a rock takes skill
      Better update your will

  10. Up with the light, just not very bright!

  11. The dog has several beds and has a hard time choosing which one to sleep in.

  12. Indecision--Indecision; where is your rhythm?
    That is me.
    (Wrote this poem--with more around it--50 years ago.

    1. 50 years sure is a while
      Need rhythm to turn such a dial

  13. I'm pretty much like Alex. I may procrastinate for a bit but I do make decisions that I need to.

  14. This or that
    the cap or hat
    the club or bat
    the yarn or ball
    I'll take it all!

  15. I miss the days that "eenie, meenie, miney, moe could solve most major decisions for me.

    1. Yeah, was much nicer that way
      Could rig it too at your bay

  16. Where to go?
    Where to sleep at the blue guy show
    Recently rediscovered my snore
    Guess who's on that couch once more
    Hello cat...
    How's your mat?

    1. Got the snore back?
      Things are as they are at our mat

  17. The kitties each have their places to sleep.
    Patches is on the sofa in the bedroom next to mine.'
    Tiger likes to cuddle next to me which is fine.
    Happy, the dog, wants to sleep inside.
    But he's so big I make him stay outside.
    Pleasant dreams.

    1. Sleeping all in spots
      Can sure get the zzzs in lots

  18. I'm good at making decisions. Teaching was constantly making decisions, so I honed my skills for decades. And once I make a decision, I don't go back and agonize over whether it was the best one or not. Now my husband ~ argh! He's thoughtful, thorough, and slow in deciding something ~ makes me crazy sometimes! LOL Have a good one!

    1. lol well then you can meet in the middle
      And solve every riddle

  19. Takes me forever to order something on Amazon, thanks to all the options.

    1. All there to see
      Some are crap, some are for thee


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