Photokeratitis Comes To Play On A Snowy Day!

The cat hates the snow, but that you know. If you don't, well now you won't. Or would that be will? Bah, you'll get your fill. We will just show why it is bad. You heard it here first at our pad.

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The snow shall come.
The snow shall stay.
It can kiss my bum,
And go on its way.

There it goes.
Now it's gone.
Damn, more woes.
It's back on the lawn.

You stare and look.
How dare it return.
It's covered your nook.
Ahhhh, they burn.

Your eyes were peering.
Your eyes were staring.
Both don't mean endearing.
Gaze would mean caring.

Photokeratitis came due.
The snow blinded you.
Now you can't see our zoo.
Whatever will you do?

Photokeratitis is had.
All from the snow.
It is oh so bad.
That much we know.

Snow blindness it means.
Photokeratitis from snow.
Now on your screens,
You must make it go.

Melt it with fire.
Burn the stuff up.
Just don't expire,
That would be a hiccup.

Catch it with nets.
Toss it in lakes.
Let it get eaten by pets.
Ship it off with snakes.

If not, you're screwed.
Photokeratitis may come.
That would sure be rude.
That and then some.

Don't you hate snow now? It could make you blind somehow. What was that? I'm a mistaken cat? Bah, Photokeratitis is a real word, even if it sounds absurd. The cat will go with it. We need to give a bad rap to that white shit. So don't get Photokeratitis from snow and go blind. Get rid of it all, mankind. Maybe I'll go melt it with gas. That seems to come from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I'm not a lover of the snow.
    It's cold and icy on it to walk.
    But I suppose after all is said and done.
    It gives one a subject to write and talk.


  2. It's exciting that first time it falls, but then it gets old really fast...especially when you have to drive in it.

    1. Yep, driving in it is the worst
      Any love sure will burst

  3. Snow is pretty as long as you don't have to go outside. Kitties sure don't like walking in it. Very high steps. Have a good Sunday, Pat.

    1. Yep, as long as you don't have to deal with it
      It can be okay for a bit

  4. It's a real word.
    I always wear shades when out in the snow. I'm good to go.

    1. Me too put ion my shades
      and have it made

    2. haha can sure help out
      All shades when about

  5. We sure don’t like snow or snowblindness to go!

  6. Yup the snow can be blinding
    when that sun is shining
    your eyes will need a rest
    To that I can attest...

    1. The snow induced a migraine yesterday
      my head is still hurting today....

    2. Blah to that
      Migraines suck at any mat

  7. Just one more reason to hate winter!

  8. No snow here or rarely seen
    So no reason to lose one's sight
    but that photokeratitis
    can be an awful fright!


  9. I like snow and even though we hardly ever get any we did get some a week ago and it was glorious. But Photokeratitis sounds like a photography class that takes pictures of rats. lol

    1. haha I suppose it could be that
      Has photo and rat

  10. Photokeratitis Comes To Play On A Snowy Day!
    Burnt feelings of eyes and not kept at bay
    Out in the cold
    Trying o look bold
    Boarded and not to cause any form of delay


  11. It's pretty to look at, but the second I have to leave my house and go out in it, I'm soooo over it.

    1. haha that sure is the way
      We agree completely at our bay

  12. We rarely get snow here and when we do, it always knocks power down! I still like snow, though :-)

    1. Power going out does suck
      On that we can pass the buck

  13. I never experienced snow blindness when I was in the North. I know the Ojibwa would protect their eyes when out to the traplines. I did experience sore and weeping eyes from the amazing glitter on the snow. It's 0º F/-17.7º C here tonight ~ without windchill, the cold inflator. That's cold enough for me these days. The snow is squeaking which I always delight in. Have a good week, my rhyming friend!

    1. Glitter on the snow making eyes weep?
      Another reason to avoid that winter creep lol

  14. When my dad was alive and it was a sunny day, he made me wear sunglasses. He said snowblindness is real and he had it so on with the arguments.


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