The Bait And Switch Has An Itch!

Humans argue across the land. Some do it where they stand. Others do it from the comfort of Mommy's basement chair. Oh wait, am I supposed to call that your little boy's lair?

Blah, blah, blah.
I give a hahaha.
It may even be more.
I may ha four times at my shore.

But some won't.
Some just don't.
Some argue back.
Brain cells they lack.

What can brainless do?
They don't have a clue.
But what they say is true.
I know, let's use you.

I'm right.
Day or night.
I am so.
You don't know.

She knows though.
She said it was so.
I believe every word.
You are just absurd.

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You are picking on him.
You are just so dim.
He said it to be true.
I'm right and not you.

She and he.
Both with me.
And him and her.
They both purr.

Maybe even bark.
This is where I park.
Don't make me move there.
They will be aware.

They will have a fit.
They won't like it.
He will have to move too.
That just won't do.

She'll move there.
Aren't you aware?
I'm doing it for those.
Oh, you have something up your nose.

Do you believe such nuts? They like their bait and switch ruts. They are doing it for your benefit or some other who is near. Their argument is sooooo clear. It is for the others in every way. Their benefit? No way, Jose. Pfffft and I will be a rhyming dog that likes to sniff butts in mass. I say that to help dogs everywhere with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. If they both start to purr, I'm going to quietly leave the room...

  2. I try my best not to take the bait, especially from nuts!

  3. The day The Cat becomes a dog
    Is the day the world goes into deep, dark fog

  4. Hey, Fiddle Diddle
    the cat with the fiddle
    and the cow jumps over the moon
    those nuts just like to croon.
    so don't dawdle or diddle
    just take your fiddle
    away from those numbnuts who croon
    and jump over that moon.

    1. Can go diddle in a corner
      With little Jack Horner

  5. So many of your rhymes these days remind me of what is going on in the political arena.
    Have a great one.

    1. haha they were done a while ago
      So just random that it is so

  6. From the comfort of mommy's basement chair? Lol, RUN!

  7. Don't try to engage in those that try
    to do that bait and switch thing on me
    got too much else to do to keep things right
    that I have no time for these


  8. I love how so many of your posts are so multi-faceted. That gives your readers the ability to pick and choose what they want to comment about, which leads to quite a bit of variety!

    1. Variety sure comes about
      As the cat has many an in and out

  9. First thing to do when in the basement: turn the lights on and keep them on.

  10. The Bait And Switch Has An Itch!
    They argue sometimes at high pitch
    They make sure
    Others can hear
    To bait others out of their reach


  11. People will always argue. Sometimes you just have to walk away

    1. That you do
      Or run until they are out of view

  12. Had a lady trying to sweet talk my young niece into signing up for a rent to own home. When my husband rolled up she was all "I just want to make sure she's secure and happy in a safe home". Pft, you've known her for 5 minutes. You don't care about her safety or if she gets suckered into signing on the dotted line as long as you get your commission.

    1. Yeah, that is all they are after in the end
      Have to watch them and not fall into a suckered trend

  13. You're back, Mr. Hatt!
    I'm glad for that.
    A new look at your sea
    Works nicely for thee
    and me


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