The Buyer Fire Of The Liar!

Some would whine and say their bad. Others go nuts and find them not rad. Out to screw you in the end. That sure is a big trend. And no, not screw in a fun way. Hookers are what you want if that is your foray.

Time to buy.
That car is mine.
I won't tell a lie.
My credit is fine.

I make a ton.
I make it best.
Let's get it done.
I'm better than the rest.

Do you need this?
Do you need that?
Can this we miss?
What is this scat?

Okay, I'll fill it.
Fill it out later.
But I'm a hit.
Oops, fell in a crater.

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Can't finance a go-kart.
But shhh don't tell.
I took spending to heart.
Those bill collectors can go to hell.

I'm sure I can pay.
Can't you try another.
At the end of the day,
I may just ask my mother.

She'll finance for me.
She has great credit.
I'll drive for free.
Did you see that story on Reddit?

Maybe co-sign is best.
That could get me there.
Then I wouldn't be such a pest.
She'd never see me sticking it to her lair.

Interest that high?
That's a rip off.
That sure won't fly.
To that I scoff.

I did nothing wrong.
Just didn't pay a bill.
I'll get credit in Hong Kong.
Yep, with my great job I will.

Are you one of those deluded nuts? They sure talk out their butts. And people say car salesmen are bad. Pfffft the buyers are crazier than a whole loony bin pad. They lie and think all is dandy. Maybe they had one too many a spiked Halloween candy. Pat dealt with many of those nuts. They talk out their butts. Did I say that times two? Sadly it is true. They really can go pound sand in mass. That's the ode to them from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. A great ode Pat. I hope the people it was intended for read it.


  2. I am looking for a car
    One that can take me far

    Sounds like some customers are as bad as some car salesmen.

  3. I imagine you do meet a lot of those people. Go into banking and I bet you'll meet even more.

    1. haha yep, there would be a ton
      A lying daily run

  4. Oh dear, that's not a favorite thing to deal with here!

  5. One credit check debunks all those lies.

  6. I won’t be making any purchases big
    For quite a while at my gig
    Thank heavens I don’t have to put up with that
    I can just keep going where I’m at

  7. The line I love: 'I deserve it.' Never mind they can't afford it;)

    1. Yep, deserve they think
      Then broke in a blink

  8. I'm sure salesmen have heard every story
    out there that is to tell
    I bet they can spot the lies people say
    and wish every time they do, they could ring a bell.


    1. Or make some dough
      Then they'd be rich, you know

  9. The Buyer Fire Of The Liar!
    Being guilty in line of fire
    The Car salesman
    Is one of them
    But they did it a lot nicer


  10. Sounds like you need to say, "Show me the money!"

    1. That you do
      Show it and make sure not counterfeit too

  11. I learned a long time ago that charging stuff can get you in trouble.
    I say, if you can't afford it run, run, run away on the double.

    1. Run away fast
      As that charging will never last

  12. I try to pay cash whenever I can and it is extremely rare that I will use a credit card for something.

  13. Too many people fall for that scam and think they'll get ahead but only get deeper in dept.

    1. Deeper they sure go
      And with little cash flow

  14. nope - debt free. No worries or scams for me

  15. I hope they didn’t think I was a crazy buyer when I bought a car :-)

    1. haha as long as you didn't lie
      As away you did try

  16. You and I have seen many in this show
    They come see me when they’ve spent too much and now feel low.
    If only they would learn but they do not
    They come back with more debt and brains up their butt.

    1. Butt brains are a pain
      But they never get off that train

  17. I wouldn't be a car salesman for anything!

    1. haha when you need the dough
      Away one does go

    2. You're right, Pat. You gotta do what you gotta do. When I lost my job with the downturn in oil in 1982 six weeks after I transferred to Denver from Calgary, I was devastated. My mother said that if I wanted to stay in the US I had to do whatever I could, even wash dishes in a restaurant. Fortunately, after pounding the pavement and cold calling oil companies, I found another job. Then I met Terry, and life has been great ever since (If you overlook a few, well more than a few, meltdowns ~ LOL).

    3. lol bah at least you didn't stay melted down
      Yeah, I've gone through searching for anything in our town
      8 jobs at once at one point
      Just to keep from sinking at our joint

  18. Some people just have to have those shiny things, no matter if they can afford them or not. If we don't have the cash, we don't need it that bad.


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