The Increased Laze Within A Maze!

Round and round you humans go. That we've done and that we know. But the cat likes to stick it in here and there. Round and round the two legged pair. Said it twice. I guess I better roll the dice.

Made a rhyme.
Did it one time.
Made a rhyme.
Again I'll use time.

The lazy of it.
The who gives a shit.
Evident from the start.
Like a crack at Wal-Mart.

That we know.
That we show.
That we see.
Lazy comes to be.

Clear as day.
Or a moon's display.
If full and under.
Forget the thunder.

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Back on task.
What's that you ask?
Don't you know?
Lazy's given a go.

But not the start.
A time taken to heart.
Dig a little deeper.
Lazy is a creeper.

Fear of this.
You may miss.
Sit on your ass.
Lazy makes you pass.

Can't do that.
May fall flat.
Sit on your ass.
Lazy makes you pass.

Life is hard.
Can't mow the yard.
All because of life.
I can't find a wife.

I can't do this.
Everything is a miss.
But I can continue to sit on my ass.
Lazy sure goes well with gas.

Ever use other things when really lazy is the cause? If yes, you'll get no applause. Fear, can't do, and whatever other crap, sure can come from a lazy lass or chap. When really they are the only fool. Sitting around with the brain of a mule. They are even lazier than a singing bass. Pffft to their many excuses says my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The blame game!
    Not all that fun. Don't know why people play it.

  2. I guess I'm guilty of being lazy right now. Well, at least I'm honest about it.


  3. I tend to be a bit lazy on the weekend
    during the week I go go go...
    I am tired sometimes you know...

  4. I've always thought laziness was the cause of most problems.

    1. That it is
      Or greed and refusal to change with many a biz

  5. I'm not lazy. I'm just hanging out thinking....

  6. I think my spirit animal may be a sloth!

  7. I don't see anything wrong with being lazy!

    1. Keeps one from getting tired
      And maybe for humans hired

  8. Think how much effort they put into coming up with excuses?

  9. The Increased Laze Within A Maze!
    Will only make one completely dazed
    When lazy just sit up
    It's then easy to start
    The result will get one to be amazed


  10. I think we all need to be lazy
    at times during our day
    it gives us then the energy
    to go out and play


  11. I'm so lazy in the mornings, but after 11am or so, I can go, go, go.

    1. Need to charge up until noon almost
      At least you get to it at your coast

  12. I am no louche
    so what my ass meets the couch.
    Wait, does this mean I am lazy?
    hmm, my memory is a bit hazy
    but I only have myself to blame
    there is no other game.

  13. orlin N cassie....yur dad rited thiz post bout PEEPULZ....we hope :) heerz ta a lazee chillaxin in cat bedz kinda week oh end ☺☺♥♥

  14. I'm only lazy when I first wake up. Have to take the dog out, can't be lazy or he'll use the rug.

    1. haha can't have that
      Litterbox is so much easier at our mat

  15. I am really lazy all winter. Glad when at last it will be spring!
    And there is a sense of renewal.

    1. Spring being sprung
      Sure works better than this white dung

  16. I have to admit I'm lazy sometimes.
    It's okay cause the life is mine.

  17. I'm a writer! of course I have many many excuses at hand for the lazies.

  18. These days I’m lazy almost every night
    Working late steals my crafty sight

    1. Yeah, overtime blows
      But in some extra dough flows


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