The Meet Err Umm Repeat!

The cat is here to meet and greet. Damn, we've already met on some blogland street? I guess that is out of the question. Care to give a suggestion? No? Well then I guess we'll give it a go. A repeat...oh no!

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Gather one. Gather all.
Come to this shiny hall.
Here you sit. Here you grumble.
Maybe more if they mumble.

In your head. In your eyes.
They sit and sound ever so wise.
Easy to do. Easy to say.
When it's been done before today.

So we shake. So we yap.
Stay awake or fall into a trap.
A trap so big. A trap so wide.
You'll get taken for a one way ride.

So you listen. So you ask.
So you pretend to enjoy the task.
When you mutter. When you grumble.
Wishing it would turn into the Royal Rumble.

Fake it is. Fake it will be.
At least that fake entertains thee.
Unlike the ego. Unlike the vain.
Unlike the one at the head of the train.

The one in charge. The flunky on top.
Either or and they never stop.
On they go. On they yap.
Once again don't fall into a trap.

Eyes on them. Eyes on task.
Make up shit when they ask.
Don't try to stare. Don't try to gaze.
Could leave you in a corporate maze.

One of thrills. One of bills.
One where HR comes and kills.
Down you go. Down you went.
All from saying to get bent.

Back we go. Back we came.
Back once more for this repeat game.
Said and spoken. Said and said.
Does this really stay in the head?

Such are greetings. Such are meetings.
Already met, so now repeatings.
Care to join? Care to go?
Repeatings are sure in the know.

A lover of meetings at your sea? Can you tell that we may not be? Repeatings is sure what many should be named. The same things are usually shamed. Or would that be said? Bah, go ask HR Ted. Or would that be Bob? Hey, it could be Rob. Whatever rhyme fits. Repeats sure come in more than not so movie hits. They can come with the 9-5 in mass, which results in sass from my ever so met little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning!
      Sorry late returning. Issues with iPad. Says I am logged in with Google, but go to comment and nothing happens.
      But, less frustrating than being in a meeting for two hours listening to five minutes worth of relevant material.

    2. A ninja meeting repeating today.

    3. Yeah, those meetings sure are worse
      At them we curse

  2. Repeats are bound to happen at my sea,
    That is what I'm telling thee.
    I could think of a different word that's true.
    But I guess I'm too lazy that thing to do.


  3. I think being right is always worth repeating MOL!

  4. meetings = clock watching and yawning

    1. That they do
      Tick tock until they are through

  5. Meetings bore me...especially when they go over the same thing.

  6. Yup, meetings are not fun but it all depends on what kind of meeting it is. If you are meeting for lunch, that could be fun if not tasty. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Yeah, that is a different take
      A better meeting in which to partake

  7. Meetings are a way of life
    Can’t get thru without such strife

  8. So much time is wasted in meetings...

  9. No meetings here I'm glad to say
    would rather just get the work done so then I can play


  10. Oh, how I hate meetings. I just refuse now!

    1. haha wish it were the way all over
      Rather go play with rover

  11. orlin N cassie; nother pluz bout uz catz knot werkin !!! ☺☺♥♥

  12. Depends what the meeting is for. Some meetings are better than others.

    1. Yeah, there are some that are good
      Rest can go play under a car hood

  13. Topics at meetings have been done to death
    It makes me think I'd rather be on meth.
    The newbies are happy, they hear something new
    while I daydream with spittle dropping on my shoe.

    1. haha about the size of it
      And you realize many are full of umm shit

  14. Meetings are not my favorite thing.
    But if it's for a good cause I'll give it a fling.

    1. Good cause can get things done
      After many let their mouth run

  15. I avoid meetings at all cost. They bore me to death and most of them are pointless.

    1. Pointless many of them be
      Rather scoop cat pee

  16. It all depends on the meeting! As a glutton for punishment, I have been the secretary for different organizations over the years. That meant I was responsible for all the minutes. I was darn good at minutes, but now that I'm retired I am so done! Have a good one!

    1. haha oh I've seen those that did that
      You must have been a glutton for punishment where you were at

  17. The Meet Err Umm Repeat!
    Gathering for a retreat
    Time wasters
    In many cases
    Whassapp posting way to it!


  18. Meetings... I'd rather eat a frog
    Will anything clog?


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