The Order Of Life To Scare Away Strife!

This is how this post is supposed to be. Today it was destined to come to thee. It just was supposed to be that way. These words just wanted to have their say. So out they came from the cat. What do you think of that?

Pop! You're born.
Okay, I'm torn.
Is it more of a scream?
We'll forget that stream.

Then you cry.
Then you die.
Hey, diddle, diddle.
I skipped the middle.

The diddle brought you.
I guess I skipped that too.
Hmm forwards and back.
Time travel at my shack.

Then you grow.
That you know.
Learn stuff too.
My, look at you.

Think you know it all.
Go to the mall.
Because it's cool.
Hey, don't skip school.

Out to life.
Free from strife.
School or work.
Student or clerk.

Seek and mate.
Then try and date.
Marry and mate.
Pop! After a 9 month wait.

Pop! Comes plenty.
Hopefully not twenty.
A cult isn't needed.
Snip snip should be heeded.

Raise and work.
Work not a perk.
Out goes the kids.
Take retirement bids.

Move to sun and sand.
Florida type land.
The grandkids wave.
Next step, your grave.

There you are. The order to life on par. Don't you love the order set? I didn't even throw in get a pet. That is a given though. Did you follow the order at your show? Is that a no? Wow, society must shame you. You did something different unlike more than a few. It just can't be that way. The horror at such an off play. You may now give all the stick up their butt types gas. I guess I'm just an out of order little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

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  1. The Order Of Life To Scare Away Strife!
    To preserve survival and to stay alive
    Making order of life
    Already set no dice
    It'll sure work its way to a loving wife


  2. It doesn't sound like fun when it's all summed up like that.
    Don't worry, Cat - no twenty here. Not even one! Probably why life is more fun.

    1. haha yeah, the fun gets sucked away
      When put like that at any bay

  3. Every story has a beginning and end
    the beauty is what happens in between

    Life can take some twists and turns
    become chaotic, no order to be found
    but, there is hope one will rebound

  4. In order is how I follow
    Happiness is where I wallow
    As I walk along the sun and sand
    holding my grand baby's hand
    The grave is a longtime away
    here at my beautiful bay
    Blessings of having kids young
    I get to have all this fun
    Before my hair is totally grey
    and I'm in a rocker all day.


    1. haha pop them out early
      Then you don't get squirrely
      Can move and not creak
      At least too much as you walk the creek

  5. You live, you die. There are some twists and turns along the way
    at your sea, you must play

  6. Welp, that was upbeat!

  7. At least us cats get to do it 9 times!

  8. The order of life that may be
    But many moments are full of glee

  9. I'm not moving to Florida. Too hot and humid. Plus too many old people. LOL

  10. I did it all except get married before having a kid. Been living in sin for 28 years. lol

  11. "Pop! Comes plenty. Hopefully not twenty."


    1. haha could be hectic by the ton
      If around that many run

  12. The blue cat!
    On a blue mat
    Talking about the grave
    Beats being a slave
    Just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat Show

  13. Sums up my life pretty darn well
    it just goes by so fast as a blink of an eye
    I wish I could be longer again
    of that I will not lie


    1. Goes by super fast
      Never enough when looking at the past

  14. My husband thinks retiring to Florida sounds grand. It's a no for me. That's definitely not in my life plan.

    1. Not for you?
      Warm, old people, bums on beaches, and hurricanes at your zoo?

  15. Life is just what you make it. It really can be good if you make it that way. Pat, have a good day.

    1. That it can be
      As long as $$$ comes to thee

  16. Would love to skip from growing up to retirement, at the beach. That would be grand indeed.

    1. Unless hurricanes came
      Then a whole other game

  17. Next step your grave. Now that's a mood breaker:)

  18. Grandkids waving and sand and sea? Sounds like a dream life, that I am lucky enough to be living, to me. :) Super busy over here, I'm on vacation and the kiddo had her kiddo (one-week ago today). I came to tell you the good news. :) We've been back and forth a lot. It's time-consuming, exhausting, and amazing. :) Have a wonderful day!

    1. Sounds like you have it grand
      The sun and the sand
      A new kiddo too
      Congrats and hope all are well at your zoo

  19. What a cheery day
    Born, school, work, die, hurray.
    At least I’ve had a screw or two
    And no kids...dirty girl, what’s new? :)
    Have to live life as best we can
    Before we kick that can.

    1. A screw or two in between
      Can sure make for a more fun scene

  20. I've ceratinly had my share of strife
    Lately at this stage of life.
    Losing a child has certainly hit me I can tell,
    Hopefully soon I'll begin to feel well.


  21. Out to life.
    Free from strife. NOT!
    I thought I'd be free from strife by now.
    Hasn't worked that way for me!

    1. Nope, still here too
      CAn't keep it flushed down the loo

  22. I love beach but really Im not thinking a place like Florida, I prefer something more quiet, like an old little beach ! xo

    1. Old ones that no one goes to
      So not many in view


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