The Sacrifice Rolls The Dice!

Everyone who has ever lived has done this. There are some things that are just a miss. Unless alternate reality you does it. Then it all is infinite or some shit.

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Decide on the go.
Decide way ahead.
Whether win or blow,
You've chosen a bed.

Comfy and soft.
A big bushy room.
Up in a loft.
Cold and full of doom.

Missed out on one.
Missed out on the other.
What's done is done.
Go cry to your mother.

Or maybe your wife.
Maybe your hubby.
The choices of life,
Are short, fat, and stubby.

Or maybe tall, thin, and wide.
But it has to be one.
Or maybe a combo in stride.
Either way, sacrificing is done.

Taken that job.
Left the other.
Ate corn on the cob.
Choked and died from smother.

A path not walked.
A path always taken.
At one you balked.
At one you were fakin.

Done and do.
Not and did.
Out of the blue.
Kid or no kid.

Risked or not.
Run and ran.
Both have a plot.
Both have a fan.

One over the two.
Two over the one.
Whatever is chosen by you,
Some sacrificing is done.

Have you ever thought of that? It applies for human, dog, or cat. Every single thing you do means that something is sacrificed at your zoo. As we can't do it all. Not even in a million years at each hall. So we have to sacrifice away and do what we wish at the end of the day. Unless you want mid day when you can roll in the grass. That option is fine by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. If one wishes to acheive something then it's worth the sacrifice of that I'm sure.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. I often change direction right in mid-nap!

  3. Got to sometimes sacrifice something to get another thing done
    that's how we do things under the sun


  4. Decisions, decisions, decisions!
    What to do and whether to change direction once the decision is made!

    1. Yep, all a decision in the end
      One we may or may not amend

  5. sacrificed AND worked my fingers to the bone

    1. Are the bones sticking out
      May scare when about

  6. Many sacrifices made each day
    By all who must work instead of play

  7. Everyday we are faced with decisions. What path shall one take? Sometimes we have to make sacrifices in the journey.

    Have a great day...

    1. Ha may rust
      Or turn into dust

    2. Could make one sneeze
      That would please

    3. All paths lead to the end of the line
      Can't be fine.

      Just my 50 cents.

  8. The Sacrifice Rolls The Dice!
    Burden being attacked by lice
    Just to sacrifice
    Being extra nice
    Not bogged down by lots of lies


  9. I'm a master at sacrificing and delayed gratification.
    But it has paid off throughout my life.
    Have a good one, Pat!

  10. We can't do it all - something has to give.

  11. Reminds me of when I worked in a grocery store bakery. The department manager would leave for the day, giving me a list of several things to do. "What's the priority of these duties?" I'd ask. "Oh, it all needs to be done." "You just gave me four hours' worth of work, and I'm going to be here for two more hours. Now, do you want to decide what doesn't get done, or should I?"

    1. Another line I used to use when they'd overload me with work was, "So, basically, you want me to pour five quarts of water into a gallon jug?"

    2. Yep, they want it all done
      While they enjoy the sun
      Pffft, good way to go about it though
      Beats swearing at so and so

    3. Mt workload is heavy, I just do what I can
      it will still be there tomorrow and the day after tomorrow... haha

    4. Always another tomorrow
      For the 9-5 sorrow

  12. Lol, yup, too busy to work out some days!

  13. Yep we have choose all days for all !some times we win others nope !

  14. Yeah, most of the time I don't think we really think about that though.

    1. Yep, most we don't indeed
      Just go with what takes seed

  15. Why can't we do it all?? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? ;)

  16. I guess it's all about finding the right balance. We all have to make sacrifices at times, but with the right balance it doesn't have to be horrible when we do.

  17. Every choice we make
    An alternate reality shows the other we take.
    In some we have lied,
    In others we died.
    Thank God I’m still here
    This reality makes me cheer.

    1. Yep, died we did
      Thankfully avoided that bid


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