The Way Out Isn't A Slippery Trout!

The cat has and many more have to. Heck, all alive has probably had it in view. But did you go all trout? What is that about? Slipping away will just make it stay.

Life has crap.
Each lass and chap.
Crapped on there.
Crapped on everywhere.

A closing of walls.
Shortening of halls.
Surrounding you.
What do you do?

Find the way out.
Slip away like a trout?
Figure out what it's about?
Find the way out.

What is the way?
From crap to okay.
How is it done?
Where is the fun?

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A secret to crap.
Pull off this trap.
I have to know.
I can't even see my toe.

Buried to the head.
I'd rather be dead.
Exaggeration a bit.
But look at this shit.

Piles and piles.
Buried with files.
Or would that be flies?
Can't see any clear skies.

Where's the exit?
Must I hex it?
I slipped out today,
But it's still on display.

Does life hate me?
What did I do to thee?
Poor this and that.
I'm only another stat.

How do I get out?
I've tried to slip through like a trout.
Did you just give a clue?
The only way out is through.

Ever try to ignore or slip away when crap comes to play? Can sure not make for a very nice day. Can't sneak around it or ignore it many a time. Have to deal with it like an annoying mime. Of course it may be easier to punch a mime, then again, that's probably a crime. But most of the time the only way out of the crap is to push on through until you finish the lap. Then you'll learn for the next crap that comes to pass. No good to run and give it sass. Of course the crap just could be gas. I'll check if any needs to be passed out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. There ARE some good things in life apart from the crap.

    Loved your verse Pat.
    Happy weekend.


  2. Life sometimes is a crap sandwich,
    that everybody gets to take a bite!

  3. Ignore it and eventually it will hit the fan.

  4. There's a lot of crappers and brown trout down this way!

  5. Slip away a time or two
    I’ve managed to do
    Without a boohoo

  6. stay on the down low
    avoid the crap
    don't get drawn in
    and be a sap

  7. Sometimes one just needs to slip away
    forget the crap and just enjoy the day...

  8. I like to get away when there is crap going on
    but I end up sticking around and try to have fun
    but that doesn't always work out
    so then I want to go and play in the sun


  9. "Keep moving forward" is another motto of mine. You just have to push through crap. I'm pushing through a lot of it right now, but I will do it. Persistence is a valuable character trait. Have a good one, my rhyming friend!

    1. Pushing through seems to be the way
      We are doing it A LOT these days at our bay

  10. Deal with it head on and make it go away.

  11. One puzzle piece at a time. That was my motto for awhile. We're moving forward. My new dilemma is my salary is too low but I love my job. Decisions, decisions. :) I heard someone say once that you should enjoy your dull lulls in life because they are the peace you need to power through the crap that's just around the corner, lol. Perhaps? I hope not. :)

    1. haha the crap around the corner just seems to keep coming though
      Yeah, I hear you on the salary being too low

  12. Just when you think life is going good, crap likes to make a smelly appearance. We are now the proud parents to 3 instead of 2. Life was like "Congrats! It's a 12 year old girl!" Not that she's crap, just the whole adjusting period is messing us up right now.

    1. Adoption at your sea?
      Weren't you all "can't wait until the girls are out so we can sell and flee?" haha
      Grand thing to do though
      Helping out a almost teenage kiddo
      And with none of the there she pops
      And no poopy diaper drops

    2. Selling and fleeing has always been the plan. We just have to push it back by 3 more years now. No poopy diapers is a plus, but we're swapping it out for teen mood swings lol

    3. lol yeah, at least when in diapers you have full control
      With the mood swings, things surely could rock n roll

  13. Ignore it
    can't, not one damn bit
    it might be crass
    but it will sneak up and bite on on your ass


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