The Yesterday Gets A Replay!

You humans sure have short attention spans far and wide. A fact you don't even try to hide. The things you say attest to that. You can't even acknowledge yesterday's stat.

It's big big news.
We've given you clues.
Now it's to come.
Aliens caught probing a bum.

It is so true.
It's right here in view.
The world will quake.
Maybe to the hippy shake.

We aren't alone.
Get ET a phone.
Call Arnold or Glover.
They aren't an alien lover.

It's big news.
It's far better than some ocean cruise.
Public space travel is officially a thing.
You have to be as rich as a king.

For 10 million you can go.
You will be in the know.
You will fly and float.
That beats any old boat.

It's umm news.
That sports team decided to lose.
They made losing a fad.
Sports people aren't glad.

But what can you do?
We bring it to you.
You do the rest.
What? Back on that alienfest?

That was yesterday's news.
Don't even peruse.
It was big big then.
That was way back when.

Like 24 hours ago.
Now all are in the know.
We've got other news to send.
Beat it into the ground is also a trend.

We've got big big news.
Aliens go probing on the cruise.
That was never said.
Now get yesterday's news out of your head.

Don't you love how big big things go by the wayside after the news has given them a ride? They may beat things into the ground for a while as you turn many a dial, but eventually you humans ignore or forget it in mass. Why? Because a new big, or maybe not so, big big thing comes to pass. Because a losing team beats aliens probing in mass. Yep, that is so much bigger to any backside except for maybe my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Replies
    1. Morning Alex!
      By a stroke of good luck
      Happened to check!


    2. That's 2 in a row
      Just so!


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Removed away
      On a stupid daylight day

    5. Oops my message had to go
      I will blame it on the snow... lol

    6. Gone away
      A snow message day

  2. Morning Hank! Forget about the time change in some countries?
    Everyone throws a fit about something then forgets it just as quick.

    1. That they do
      Time change makes some even lose a screw

  3. Didn't know about your time change
    Ours have yet to come.
    It must be within the next few weeks.
    I'll probably forget it .... me the forgetful mum.

    Enjoy your Sunday Pat.

  4. It is time for something big, maybe a nap!

  5. Hopefully nothing big going on here. That is true things are gigantic at first and then just fade away. Pat, you have a fantastic day.

  6. The big question, is it news or fake news?
    Inquiring minds want to know....

    and is yesterday’s news still news?
    Or is it all a ruse?

    Hey it rhymes and we live in crazy times

    1. haha crazy times here and there
      That "fake" stuff one has to beware

  7. The Yesterday Gets A Replay!
    Told of happenings yesterday
    Something big
    Comes off quick
    Forgotten as quickly in any way


  8. Don't watch the news much these days
    they don't really have too much to say


  9. Things come and go so fast these days.

    1. That they do
      Seconds later no longer in view

  10. Have you noticed how a lot of news isn't new?

    1. Round and round it goes
      Same old news, same old shows

  11. I don't watch the news that's bad.
    Or any thing that makes me sad.

  12. This is nothing new
    Remembering is fornthe very few.
    Otherwise we would not see bad and dumb things repeat
    It’s a shame otherwise Wars and more would be beat.

    1. Yeah, bad and dumb just repeat
      Same old street

  13. With so much information in modern days, big news become old news quickly!

  14. You are so correct in this poem. Such serious s*#t gets passed by. A very ADHD world....just moving along and not digesting.

  15. Things do fall by the wayside quickly. :)

  16. That's the news every day. One crisis demanding our attention, but tomorrow we will all forget about that one because the next big, big news story has just hit.

    1. Yeah, the big big gets the play
      50 times a day

  17. The constantly swirling news is exhausting.
    I'm not going to let my congressman forget Jamal Khashoggi.

    1. Exhausting it is indeed
      Hold them to standards at one's feed

  18. Predator 1 or 2
    Predator 2018 can go sniff a shoe


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