Up And Down With Your Gown!

There seems to be sides. They go with the tides. The cat finds those have a giant litter box. You may want to wear shoes and socks. Never know what could be buried there. Okay, we are done with the PSA at our lair.

Up and down.
Down and up.
Out on the town.
A half empty cup.

The town is small.
The town isn't large.
Give him a call.
The bartender in charge.

One may know.
One may not.
That's so and so.
They stopped a plot.

Could be a trigger.
Could be a point.
May need a re-jigger.
May need a new joint.

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Could find it funny.
Could find it lame.
Could be right on the money.
That really isn't tame.

Or so they say.
They said to me.
Those that eat hay.
A glee for free.

Back on track.
Or maybe not.
Who needs to go back?
That may not be hot.

Hot or cold.
A game well played.
Go and grab a hold.
Watch out for the Raid.

Never know what flows.
That's how it is done.
In the idea grows.
Out it is run.

For some it is down.
For some it is up.
Sides of all in town.
Maybe even a pup.

Don't you love the downsides and upsides to everything? Do they make your heart sing? Do they hurt your head? Downside to the downsides and upsides if that is led. See? Even they have them too. Aren't they fun to use at one's zoo? You can go any which way from gold to brass. At least one is germ free for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning g Hank
      Late is my fate
      This I surely know
      as once again it snowed

    2. Still on the up
      Without a hiccup

    3. That's 7 in a row
      Cooling it is with the snow!


    4. Good afternoon True
      Great seeing you!


    5. Cool with snow
      Can keep it in tow

    6. The downside, I'm not #1

    7. Thanks Blue?
      Missing you!


    8. Blue was out
      Downside about

  2. The upside of snow, it’s lovely to view
    The downside, shoveling comes due
    Now, off I go the commute will be slow
    except for crazies as fast they will go

    1. Crazies like to speed
      No matter what takes seed

  3. My grandbabe just got a new pup. The upside is it's cute, fun and playful. The downside is it's going to get HUGE (though her daddy thinks that's an upside). Their little family is spending a lot of weekends at the dog park now. ;)

    1. A big one is it?
      Saint Bernard to slobber a bit?

  4. Ups and downs for everything around!

  5. going up a roller coaster gives the views and anticipation. The downside is losing your stomach.

  6. The upside I always try to see
    ‘Cuz the downside doesn’t make me happy

  7. Both sides can be a bit strange at times, especially with that giant litter box!

  8. Replies
    1. Sometimes it sucks to push through
      But they are there to view

  9. Sounds like geometry. Upsides. Downsides. Parallelogram sides. Hexagon sides. Quadrilateral sides. Too many sides.

  10. One has to experience daownsides to appreciate the goodsides in life. Well written and enjoyed.


  11. We call them swings and roundabouts . . :)

  12. Up And Down With Your Gown!
    Downside when you are gone
    Taking sides
    Nothing to hide
    It is something of a letdown

  13. orlin N cassie; letz think bout thiz fora breef minit; if ther waz noe up would ya still haz down ore wood down knot be called down coz therz noe such thing az up....


    uh ta hell with it letz eat :) ☺☺♥♥

    1. lol or would up be something else entirely which would screw up down even more?
      Time to eat at our shore

  14. What isn't upside and downside?!

  15. Up and down
    is for the clown
    side to side
    makes it easy to hide
    diagnol's good too
    throw them off at your zoo.

    1. Go with a bit
      Make it a hit
      In and out
      Or roundabout

  16. Don't mind too many ups and downs
    Unless it includes being spun around.


  17. Yes, I have to embrace the chaos of life. These trying times not only help me grow as a person, but they are great fodder for my creativity. I've written my best stuff at times of immense suffering. I'll continue to love the crazy that is life so that I may be able to more aptly understand it.

    1. There you go
      Even get helped out by the crazy and each low

  18. Would be fun to be up
    Unless up means up in that tax um cup
    Drink that stuff and you'll die
    Making some cry
    And then they're down
    The entire town

    Just so you know'
    At the Kitty Cat show

    1. Taxes suck
      Suck many a buck
      Double the sucking
      As you they are umm plucking

  19. I didn't know quite what to expect when I saw your title...

  20. I like to weigh the pros and cons before making a big decision. Don’t want to be too hasty on something that could make a huge impact on your life.

  21. I'm missing the upside and downside of waves on Waikiki.
    I hope the upside of not going this year outweighs the downside.
    Have an UP day where you're at!

    1. Yeah, usually away you go
      Hopefully the upside is so

  22. I think the downsides help me to appreciate the upsides.

  23. Life is nothing but a roller coaster ride
    As long as you have fun before you died.
    Is this the meaning of life, is that..new?
    Maybe the meaning really is 42.

    1. Beats the heck out of we
      But we'll just keep going on at our sea


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