Cut Out The Fat With The Cat!

That is right. Today the cat is back in charge of our site. No Drazin, Pat, nude aliens(sorry alien addicts), or Cass. I can hold them all back with my little rhyming ass. Does it hold weight? Arms may not like that, mate. Matey or mate? Already back to confusing out of the gate. Works for me. Now on to it at our sea.

Time to show talent and enforce your will.
You kissed enough ass to climb that hill.
Now you're the man and ever so great.
It doesn't even matter if you show up late.

You'll make things better and leave your mark.
Have to ensure your name is carved into bark.
On it dogs pee and maybe do some other stuff.
But it doesn't matter because you're just so tough.

You rule the roost and have it plated in stone.
You are the best and decide when to answer the phone.
But when you ring others must jump.
It doesn't matter if they are taking a dump.

Today it is this and tomorrow it is that.
Change your mind and expect all to rat.
Your word is gospel and so in the know.
So come on and spill on old so and so.

Your work load is large but bring the gossip.
Whether you get anything done sure is a toss up.
Who are you kidding? It's too much for one.
Bring on the assistant to get your work done.

Why stop at one? You'll do better with two.
May have to get three for when work is due.
But the expense is so mighty and rather large.
Hell, they will never fire the one who's truly in charge.

Cut the bottom and pay more to the top.
That is the way and such reasoning can't stop.
The top is in the know and still ever so great.
You need three assistants with so much on your plate.

 Your hours are set and aren't going to change.
Those lowly lackeys are whining over ten hours. Strange!
You'd think they'd want the money and to pay more taxes.
They make one third what you do so it's time everyone relaxes.

$400,000, give or take, for four at the top.
You've thinned out the herd and work the rest non-stop.
Sick or quitting? Please, that's not on the cards.
They have to afford to eat and their pitiful yards.

Things aren't getting done and they're ever so slow.
What's the problem? It's so easy, you know.
You have it on paper and each assistant agrees.
My, after all those years of ass kissing life is a breeze.

Don't you love that? Get rid of those who do actual work and yet make their paycheck fat. All for sitting on their ass and letting the assistant of that assistant of the assistant complete the work mass. Toss em all in a hole. That's a fine goal. Then they'll have to work to get out. Or maybe for their assistant they'll shout. Are you the boss and at a loss? Damn, the cat may have offended. Nope. Still isn't amended. Told you I could hold all away. This is totally my bay.

" if."

No listening to any comments from Cass. Just pay attention to my ever so do it myself little rhyming ass.

Those at the top have longer to drop!

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  1. Would like a gig like this
    for an assistant to do my work
    but then I would hope
    I wouldn't treat them like a jerk

    Different Pat since you are back
    posting at different times that before
    Don't know what to expect any more


    1. Keep you on your toes
      To see when a post shows

      Would be a sweet gig
      Do nothing and let your wallet get big

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  3. My brother is one who's at the top, but he does work and travels a lot. Despite the money, I wouldn't want his life for anything.

    1. Guess he doesn't get home much? That sucks. At least he does the work though.

  4. My husband calls those folks the 1% of the 1%

  5. I long ago decided that I didn't want to be one of those that are at the top and chose not to be promoted. Quality of life is more important.

  6. I, too, am comfortable not being boss
    Still responsible, but blame I can toss

  7. I'm already a boss and I work myself to death.

  8. Too many doing too little, to err is human!

  9. You gotta love Orlin, Pat. Can you hear me laughing? You might, because I'm laughing loud and hard at that last photo! I battled for the top. I'm thrilled to be anonymous now. It's taken me this far into retirement to recover. Life is so much better now! Have a good one!

    1. Geez, sure took a long recovery time. Guess you needed more rhyme. Cass will take the laughing to heart.

  10. I wouldn't mind being the boss, I kinda like telling people what to do. On other days I just want everyone to leave me alone. I'm probably too moody to be a good boss.

  11. My ass kissing has stopped
    I don't like it on top
    I keep myself low
    To kiss a toe
    here I go.

    1. Toe kisser is new
      May start a trend if caught in view

  12. orlin N cassie; sneekin round de inter webz like we due frum werk... we best knot say werdz bout de bossez....yea.....everee one iz one.....ore we will bee heer on this post...til 9.30.4819

  13. I love the cat's pictures !! Im happy you come back!!

  14. I have to get used to your new look and formatting Pat. Nice photos of your cat. Dreary work it is and some are luck y to get an assistant. Enjoy your spring season.

  15. I still feel like I'm in the wrong place when I show up, but the attitude is familiar.

    1. That shall never go away as we have a new bay.

  16. The assistants do the work. The boss gets the credit.

  17. There are too many at the top doing nothing for those paychecks. My husband is one at the top, but the man works non-stop, so I think he's actually quite underpaid for all of the hours he puts in.

    1. Yep, far too many. Then those that do a ton never get paid what they are worth.

  18. "Those at the top have longer to drop!" How true. And it akes me think of that old quote which exists in various forms and has been credited to several sources, "Be nice to people on your way up because you might meet them again on your way back down."

    1. Yep, that is a perfect quote indeed. Seen it in different variations, but true in each form.

  19. Things aren't getting done and they're ever so slow...
    Mongo feels the exact same way at the Blue guy show

    1. Blue guy needs to pick up the pace
      So Mongo can fill his face

  20. I like being assistant to my bosses (kitties) :-D


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