A Little Self...Nope!

Pat does steal my blog every now and then, but today he isn't going to get my den. Why is that? Because he said no to the cat. Can you believe that? No to Cassie and the cat. Pffffffffft!

Here we were sharing.
The cat can be caring.
Two for a chew.
Then no came due.

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"Did you want to die?"

Quiet. You gave it a try.

"At least I didn't throw a fit."

Stop interrupting my bit.

I can say no too.
No ass pillow for you.
Go sit on the floor.
Or take it to another shore.

No Christmas decorations to be had.
You'll have a bare pad.
Not a thing to be seen
Santa will think you're mean.

No laundry folded.
To me it is molded.
Hmmm that may be bad.
Bah, already seen you naked at our pad.
(And not much to see. Hee Hee Hee.)

And no balls for any.
I don't care if there are many.
No balls for you.
And no ball tent too.

Bah. That got in.
Books for a spin.
Right. No sales for you.
That works at our zoo.

Desperation at play.
Two in one day.
A 9 book series is had.
Bah, still no sales for you at our pad.

Did you hear me?
Nothing for thee.
Return my string.
Those fangs may sting.

Not talking to you.
Nope, not giving a view.
I want that string back.
Bah, it won't give me a heart attack.

Pat got shameless self promotion and he still wouldn't give the string some motion. He hid it from me. Cassie let it be. Not me though. Have you had anything stolen from you that you won't let go? It will kill me? Bah, are you a vet at your sea? I'll poop it out just fine. I'm a rhyming feline. No? Bah, listen to my flow. I'm fine at eating string in mass. Pat only thinks he is protecting my little rhyming ass.

Tie a string and have a fling.


  1. No. #1
    After a long time!

    A Little Self...Nope!
    Can be a string or rope
    Not eating it
    Perhaps some bits
    Out with it do the poop


    1. Back on top
      Sure not a flop
      Have to watch the bits
      Sure can mean the umm pits

  2. Your helpers are ready and waiting!

  3. I'm sure they have favorite books to chew on, or ignore. They better sell more - gives them more treats

    1. True, they want treats they better sell haha

  4. That picture with the fangs had me a bit scared! I'm sure the books will sell in due time!


    1. haha he was yawning actually and I just caught it just in time.

  5. A ball pit sounds like a fun thing to get my mom's cat.

    1. He enjoys it and bats them around as much as the kids

  6. The fangs gave me a huge laugh,
    But why would Pat pull such a gaffe???
    Does he need me to send a ball of string
    Which you could then at him fling???

    1. We'd fling and eat
      Thinking it a great treat

  7. The pics were great. We had a cat that ate a string. It was like cat yo yo. All was well that 'ended' well. But it certainly taught me my lesson about keeping strings away.

    1. Yeah, I've had to pull dental floss out his butt once, so have to be vigilant.

  8. So much furry cuteness on today's post!
    No, don't eat the string. You don't wanna have a tail on your poop!

    1. Yeah, no tail poop being had sure is fine at our pad.

  9. Sharp fangs. A little self promotion is good. I hope you get some sales.

    1. Sharp they be. I get sales here and there, the cat was just poking fun.

  10. How impressive. Your # of books is amazing.

  11. So many books, congrats! The cats are cute!

  12. Strings are irresistible. I have my granddaughter here all week and the only way the cat will go near her, is if she has a string. That must be an awesome feeling to see all of those books on display and know you wrote them. :)

    1. haha string seems to win cats most everywhere over. He'll come for the kiddos here too. Nice feeling indeed.

  13. You've quite a collection.
    No means for deception.
    A motley crew at your zoo.
    And many more than a few.
    Profanity Granny's still the best.
    She out-curses all the rest.
    More congrats to you
    for such productivity at your zoo.

    1. Curse she can do
      More than a few
      And much to see
      As we go on a spree

  14. orlin N cassie...haz dad pat ever considurred writin a book ;) ~~

    N sorree dood but we gota side with pat on thiz one; stringz knot a
    good thing ta chew on lezz itz got two knotz de size of golf ballz
    sum wher long de line....that stuff will mezz up yur colon faster
    N a bass terd turkee left out ta self mold for 5 weekz in tempz oh
    110 degreez.....

    just sayin :) ♥♥

    1. haha not sure he ever thought of that.

      Yeah, I'll agree under protest.

  15. That Christmas deco is getting the same treatment ours do. Ha.

  16. I'm going to start calling Pat "Dan"
    with the shameless promotions at his land.
    Of course the evil cat is in on the game
    Maybe Dan is really his name?
    Those fangs may scare some folks,
    but to me they're just a joke.
    I've got no fear at my sea
    now go away and deal with your fleas.

    Been awhile since I've done a roast. Ah, so fun! Hope all is well in your world, Pat!!


    1. haha Worqueendan went far far away
      Guess he read one too many migraine posts at your bay
      You just scared him off with that and a one-eyed look
      He's probably off writing a migraine book
      Maybe for your pic he'll add some curly bangs
      Cover up that one eye so you can't see my fangs

  17. The critters would love that ball tent.

    1. They enjoy it here, kid and critter alike.

  18. these cats are really funny and cute, but really the move like a boss !! xo

  19. That kitty ball pit looks like something my cats might like. For a few minutes, anyway. They're a tad on the fickle side. Right now, their favorite thing in the whole world seems to be a largish piece of brown packing paper. My husband tossed it to the hearth when he removed it from a box, and all week long, the cats have been doing tag-team napping on it.

    That array of your books looks verrrry impressive. :)

    1. haha they always pick out the weirdest things to like, at least for a little while.

      We confess, nice to impress.

  20. I need to get my kitties a ball tent. They'd have a blast. Well, maybe. I'd have to assign hours to each of them cause they don't get along together. Guess that would work.
    And all your books are awesome.

    1. haha maybe the balls will bring them together.

  21. Nothing wrong with a little self promotion. You've got quite the collection of books that need to get into readers hands!


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