Fixed Is Nixed!

The cat hears things from way up here. Or maybe Pat does, but I'm still near. We'll just go with the cat. I do hear things from poop machines where we are at. Pat let's them in. That has to be a sin. Right! Back to it. We don't want to go on about their umm spit. Are you looking? Think it's a wrong booking? Think it broke? Nope. Not that kind of fixed poke. Or maybe it is. Never fear, there won't be a quiz.

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The idea of fixed.
It sure can be nixed.
Not even broken or busted.
Can't even go with rusted.

No need be had,
Which is kinda sad.
But a had be need.
It always takes seed.

It tries to play dumb.
That old fixed income.
Yet it leaves you broke and stuck.
Can I get a what the fluck?

It robs you of supper.
That great fixer upper.
Yet it's more of a fixer downer.
Tell it to an out of towner.

Shouldn't that be fixed?
Out of towner may get nixed.
They could dwell in a city.
Out of citier some sort of pity?

Bah, that takes two.
Plural towners, or citiers, for you.
So that means a couple or pair.
Both are the same? Don't go there.

Why is that the case?
You'll get in another head space.
Then we'll have to fix you up right.
Even if you are sitting down on site.

But back to the pair.
Or couple if you care.
They were made and put together.
Any storm they can weather.

They were fixed up by a friend.
That has to be grand to no end.
But they still look tired and worn.
They look like they did on the day they were born.

All wrinkly and such.
Fixed is out of touch.
I guess I better fix its little red wagon.
Let's end this before it starts laggin'.

Did you know fixed was such a liar? Someone should set fixed on fire. Steals your money, leaves you wrinkly, and lets your roof leak. You'd be better off up broken creek. At least the water may flow. Damned if I know. Did the cat think about this too much? That can't be fixed even a touch. And there was no mention of snip snip. I guess we didn't fixate on that trip. This is just how things come to pass with my not so fixable little rhyming ass.

Fixate on this and don't miss.


  1. Getting 'fixed up' never seems to end well.

  2. I got fixed when I was young but I don’t remember much about it!

  3. When I try to fix something it all turns out wrong. So the wrinkles are hidden a bit, but they're still there.

  4. Lizard's about to get a knee fix;
    I hope the results are better than this mix!

  5. I'm bad at fixing things myself. I did make hubby get fixed after the last kid though. Best $600 I ever did spend!

    1. haha and then you got another anyway. But at least without all the diapers at your bay.

    2. I think I like the diapers stage more than the moody teenager stage lol

    3. haha more control in the diaper stage. Don't do what you want, pick them up and make them. Teenagers are a bit heavier.

  6. I need a quick fix of coffee so I can be fixed to start my days some mornings.


    1. A good fixing to help you get in the fixed state.

  7. I don't try to fix much when it's broken. Better just to buy a new one.

  8. All three of my pups are 'fixed.' They're happy anyway. Smiles.

  9. No fixing needed here, unless you count anything electronic.

  10. Fixed Is Nixed!
    Twist with a flick
    Quick fix
    Easy gig
    Make them sick


  11. Yo -you gotta have connections for the Fix. The Fix is in. You feel me.

  12. Lots of great responses here. My fix is my coffee. I'm with Theresa on the fixed HH:) And I've learned that it's much better to get a professional when something needs fixed at our house. Good post:)

    1. A coffee fix seems to be going around, as does the hubby fix, guess I'll stay single lol

  13. I'm the opposite on the hubby fix. I wanted 9 kids, but got too old to keep having 'em. I like everything about being a mom. 4 is good, and now the grandbabies are a' flowin' :)

    If I need something fixed, I call a professional, knowing full well I'm going to probably not do it right. Though the guy who fixed my a/c didn't really do such a great job.

    1. haha damn, that would have been a lot of kiddos. Crummy age. But no perfect 10?

      Yeah, some so-called professionals aren't very good.

  14. orlin N cassie; damn strait fixed izza liar....we went bye car sum place ta bee "fixed" N came home with lezz partz.....♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. yeah, such a lying fixed. De-parting us all.

  15. Like Betty, I need a quick fix of coffee every morning. Having it right now!

  16. My daughter and her HH got a 'great fixer upper'. It's keeping them exhausted and broke:)

    1. Proved fixed is a liar, as they got a broker upper.

  17. "Fixed" has a different meaning for my dog.
    Twas the unkindest cut of all.

  18. Stupid is fixed too
    It never goes away unlike some blue suede shoe
    Stupid is all around staying put no matter what you say
    Fixed like carved in stone
    Want some meat?
    Here's a bone.
    So it goes
    And it shows
    Stupid is fixed
    No need to moan.

    1. Fixed in a state
      A sure fire fate
      Stupid all around
      Easy to be found

    2. Isn't it funny to use that term for it? lol

  19. The cat is in a purrfect spot to hear things.

    1. Can see and hear all up there. Or so he pretends.

    2. The fix is in, you see
      but that stays between you and me
      or the jig is up
      between the cat and pup
      no more fixes can be had
      if he opens his mouth and blabs
      so keep it quiet kitty-do
      this one is between me and you.


    3. In with the fix
      No real tricks
      Just dance that jig
      Dance one eye, dance for a gig


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