Questioning You And You And You And....Still You!

Today is the day.
The day in May.
Or the day in July.
Either or shall actually fly.

Or maybe crash.
Sticks like a bad rash.
No cream to be had.
Itchy and driving you mad.

Mad as a hen.
Or a goose in a pen.
They are nasty buggers.
But still beat muggers.

What is the question?
I made that suggestion.
Oops. I didn't make it?
Ain't that some shit.

How many purple bushes?
None have tushes.
Any remember that?
Been a while for the cat.

Time ticked by.
A few seconds, oh my.
How many purple bushes?
Do any need pushes?

It's now next week.
An answer I seek.
A question I must say.
How many purple bushes today?

A month goes by.
Let's give it a try.
This you must know.
How many purple bushes in tow?

You said three?
You said it to me?
When did you say that?
Bah, that falls flat.

It was never said.
You must have dreamed it in bed.
But I do have a question for you.
How many purple bushes are in view?

Did you answer yet? Come on, it's a safe bet. Did you answer yet? Come on, it's safe bet. Yeah, the cat just threw up a hairball with that. Brings to the forefront many a dingbat. Do you know anyone who asks you the same damn thing week after week? Do you know the answer they seek? Really they are just after what they want to hear as they ask the same crap in your ear. Oh, but they have so much to do. They have a bad memory too. They have so much to do. They have a bad memory too. Repeat the question and repeat the response. Maybe they got hit with a sconce? Or maybe they just like to try to annoy and it gives them joy. Either way they can go question the singing bass. They can then all go on repeat and stay far away from my little rhyming ass.

How many purple bushes? How many purple bushes?

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  1. Dang, I swear I saw five but there may be a hide!

  2. Four. Oh, and I'm quite familiar with hairballs.

  3. I think there's five.
    But that may be jive.

    1. I counted 5 purple bushes. At first I thought you might be talking about mosquitoes! I'm not sure why, maybe the itching reference.


    2. five could be above
      Yeah, no mosquito love

  4. You mean I've got to go back and count? Can I say either four or five?

    1. Pick and go.
      You may be asked again tomorrow though

  5. Five for sure, but I think I see a bit of a sixth hiding behind the bush on the right, Pat. Yikes, I ask Terry "How was pickleball?" every time he plays. Perhaps I'm irritating the hell out of him! I shall have to ask ~ LOL!

    1. lol well that is a bit different for him
      As not always the same whim
      Game could be good or bad
      Not always the same old crap being had

  6. I see five. But who knows.

  7. Um, what was the question? As for repeats, after time with my dad - he's sharp enough but certain stuff doesn't stick and the same question and answer goes round and round.
    What bushes were you talking about - were they purple?

    1. Well that is age related, not just annoying people related. Could be purple, could be.

  8. I think I see five purple bushes.
    Yes there is someone who asks me the same thing over and over, and over and over again!

  9. When I talk to my 86 year old dad he tells me the same stories over and over. Does that count? lol

    1. haha I know a few of those people, but at least that can be blamed on age

  10. Are they all the same color to a cat?

  11. I vote that there are 4 bushes. Lovely photos. Wish I were there.

  12. Now lets not knock bad memories:)

  13. Purple? I wouldn't call any of those bushes purple.

  14. Purple bushes with no tushes?
    Trees with no knees?
    Birds that don't turd?
    Now I'm just being absurd.

  15. I'm going with 5 bushes, but maybe a 6th is hidden there on the right that we can't see? Yes, I'm a mother. I've heard the same damn thing asked a billion times in a day lol.


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