Off The Reservation!

There I was lying on the floor.
There was an interloper right next door.
I was prepared to make him run,
But that wasn't how the day was done.

Instead I had to go get Cass.
She had to help my rhyming ass.
Pat had vanished from our sea.
We had to find him so he could feed me.

I quickly spotted the culprit pair.
At least I thought so at our lair.
So I went in for a closer look.
Turns out they quickly got off the hook.

They were more interested in me.
They didn't make Pat leave or flee.
Plus, they kinda maybe sorta stunk.
They would just put Pat in a funk.

They joined our search as all mutts would.
Trying to prove they are great and understood.
But hey, they helped out a little bit.
I can take it even if they do eat umm spit.

Cassie and I then ventured out.
These three made us stop and shout.
Social distancing and all of that.
It was like talking to a wall or a wooden bat.

So we bit the bullet and went there.
That little poop machine was unaware.
He just wanted to play in the mud.
Sorry, we ain't gonna join you, bud.

That was when we saw this mutt.
He was still mad I bit him on the butt.
But he spilled all after whining about his caboose.
He said he saw Pat taken by a giant goose.

At first I thought him to be a nut,
But these guys backed up the wiener mutt.
He was a bit off on his claim though.
Humans in white were Pat's true foe.

So we did what anyone would do.
We scurried home to find these two.
They were fighting over who would drive.
Somehow I don't think either would survive.

They agreed to help break Pat free.
They started digging a tunnel so he could flee.
But they were just my clever distraction.
I put the true digging into action.

I found his little rubber room.
That place must sure spell doom.
Cassie watched for any guards.
We freed him and ran across many yards.

Then we needed a little break.
A nap we just had to take.
But we shouldn't have done that.
Now we always need to keep an eye on Pat.

For he went and did this.
The rubber room people will know something is amiss.
So it was time to lock him down.
No longer will he and his crazy wander town.

The mutts took the bones away.
They are good for a few things at their bay.
They chewed the thing to bits.
I hope they don't get the shits.

And as for Cassie and little old me.
Now we have to take turns at our sea.
Always watching that crazy Pat.
If only I didn't need him to feed and scoop and things like that.

Have you ever been taken away? Do you believe what Pat did at our bay? Has he really cracked? Maybe next we'll be attacked. Or maybe it will sell some books. Could get more crazy to take looks. Crazy follows crazy they say. Sure will avoid that fray. Oh, and Bijoux just so you know, we're always watching high and low. Just with a creepy little stare. So you had better beware. Had to add that in as I sit back there at our loony bin. And now I have to swap with Cass and go rest my jail breaking little rhyming ass.

Crazy all the way. Beats normal any day.

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  1. You had to break him free or you'd never get fed at your sea.

    1. Had to bust him loose
      Or we'd have to hunt moose

  2. I think breaking him free was the thing to do. No better person to feed and scoop for you two. :)

    1. Yeah, we are a tad spoiled, so had to bust him free.

  3. Ha. The skeleton picture is great. Looks like the pups are growing. Lots of fun pics today.

    1. Advertising in a weird way lol growing they surely are.

  4. So your cats roam free? I would be to scared to let them be. Our cats are all inside. They stay indoors, I have not lied. As for these pups, they are so cute. They need a hug or 3

    1. They only go out a tinsy bit when I'm there to watch them. Other than that, nope. First time they were out in their life there lol

  5. OMG on that last photo! Bahahaha! Staring me down! Now I have to run and hide. Where's that weiner dog when I need him?

    1. hahaha knew you'd like that one as he makes sure to stare you down and know where you are.

  6. The photo of pups fighting over car is so cute :-)
    You gotta really watch Pat. He is essential in food and scoop departments :-D

    1. They each wanted to get on. Just like kids.

      Yeah, need that food and scoop.

  7. The one of your skeleton under a "No trespassing sign" -
    That one is most silly and so not divine.
    But classic, Pat Hatt
    AND classic Pat Hatt
    Kudos to that
    and to you Mr. Hatt.

  8. That was quite an adventure for them!

  9. I think Pat had been sheltering in place too long but he is still as creative as can be!


    1. haha funny thing is he hasn't sheltered in 4 weeks now. Just crazy and creative I guess.

  10. Great adventures at your loony bin! But it is clear who is charge.

  11. haha I smiled and laughed all the way through this zany adventure.
    looks the bone man lost his head and had to surrender...

    1. haha his leg is now lost too thanks to the puppy crew

  12. That was fun and trust me, we know a good looney when we see it!

  13. glad some creatures are keeping track of you - quite a zoo!

  14. I knew geese were bad!! Tell Pat that I knew it and none of you warned him. For shame, cat, for shame! Is Pat watching Bosch and that's why you're lingering over his shoulder because it's such a juicy show or are you really just trying to keep him safe? HmmMMmmm... Also, don't bite the wiener pooch on the butt. It isn't very nice and it can't taste all that great.

    1. You would say that about any bird lol but Pat learned that long ago with attack geese at some properties. Nah, he can't sit like that to watch anything. Type and get up in 5 mins is it. But it is such fun to bite the butt and watch em yelp.

  15. orlin N cassie; we dunno... we think rollin in de mud wooda been awesum; next time ya get out oh doorz try it for uz pleez N thanx !! { we think de dawgs had sum road rage goin on ther :)

    1. Hmmm you gonna clean up the mess? haha yeah they may have had some road rage indeed

  16. Love that last pic of you and Orlin.

  17. Sometimes you have to side with (and free) the enemy or you don't eat. Smart move freeing Pat!

  18. Off The Reservation!
    Not to bother them
    They want to be free
    Out under the tree
    No bones about it then


  19. Oh my goodness!! I am truly amazed to see so many dog photos at your bay!! Cute little pups.

  20. Using pups as your distraction...I'm not surprised at all.

    Those geese are no joke! And right now, they are everywhere with their babies. No cars on the road has made them brazen. I love all the pictures, Pat.


    1. They are gullible and fall for it.

      Away they go everywhere. Some sure aren't to be messed with indeed.

  21. lmao that was fun. I love the doggies and the cats look like they are alright with the dogs.

  22. Oh, my gosh! That was just about the best photo of Pat ever! Looks like those two little dudes are getting away with all kinds of mischief. Fun to see the pets, no matter what kind of ruckus they are raising!

    1. haha crazy as can be with photos at our sea. They get away with a lot and plenty of mischief to be had.

  23. Gosh, I was amazed by your narrative ... as if I was invited to play with your cute cat and dog.
    You are creative and humorous.

    I was laughing seeing your photo with the skull statue 😆 ... , so cute.

    1. Away the narrative can go with any old flow.

  24. Yep, no question about it. It's always a wise decision to free the hand that feeds ya... and cleans up after you. No bones about it... this was a fun post! Take care, dude.

    1. haha yeah, gotta keep that hand free. That hand is currently wiping asses too lol

  25. Haha! I absolutely loved this, Orlin! I don't know who is busier ~ You keeping track of Pat or those oblivious mutts racing around all over the place. Never a dull moment at your place!

    1. Sure a whole bunch to do at our zoo. And a zoo it is. Mutts, cats, and kids.

    2. This has to be one of my favorites. I always enjoy your rhythmie words, but this really put a smile on my face. Lordy we need that these days. Stay well.
      Sandy's Space

    3. Smiles sure are needed about indeed.


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