A Try On The Fly!

Since Pat is "busy" and such.
Pffft don't trust him much.
I think he is lying and just lazy.
Or maybe he has just gone more crazy.

Can you go more when already gone?
I guess if you ran naked on the lawn.
I mean people do that quite a bit.
It may be funny if they step in dog umm shit.

But then they should know better.
Unless a neighbor, then write a nasty letter.
Is that even a thing any more?
The Twitter nuts would think it a chore.

Too many characters for their little mind.
Weren't we supposed to be going on about the grind?
I guess that would be me and not we.
Pat is out and all that is left is me.

But Pat doesn't mind using me for this ad stuff.
I think he is finishing up another made of fluff.
Yeah, he has fluff in the head.
My hair is there after he gets out of bed.

Hair to spare with COVID on a tear.
Seems to be the way with each shaggy human pair.
Could learn a new skill and cut.
First practice on the kid or mutt.

Oh, we are really going everywhere.
Are you random with long hair?
Or is that just little old me?
I always have things to say to thee.

Maybe it should be structured with a number.
Could make some have a better slumber.
Do those people even sleep anyway?
No numbers and they weep and not sleep a day.

#9. Vacuum cleaners aren't meant for the grass.
Maybe that needs to be a song for the singing bass.
Don't vacuum nature. Don't vacuum grass.
If you do all will avoid your crazy ass.

Boy, this is hard on the claws.
I have to go rest my paws.
It is easier to let Pat repeat my sass.
Oh the hardships of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.

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  1. I don't think a vaccum would work well on grass. Bag would fill up too fast anyway.

  2. Advertising - if it works best with a cat - then to heck with Pat
    Happy Monday - good poem

  3. Cute pictures. I think If I tried to vacuum the grass, my neighbors would call the mental doctors on me.

    1. hahahaha yeah, that seems to be the consensus

  4. Love all the photos, especially the one with your tummy up :-)
    Vacuuming grass is a sheer madness!

  5. Okay, we'll send our vacuum outside now!

  6. The people on the NextDoor app would love to see a lot of that.

  7. Love your cat. It would be crazy to vacuum grass.

  8. Maybe the cat can invent a vacuum for the grass and you could quit your day job Pat!


  9. dood.....lookin good buddy....hope all iz well ther in de land oh hatt...
    pat noes what we meen ♥♥

    N speekin oh sleep, de food gurl doez knot get much oh it, sew we kind lee
    offered ta sleep for her ;) ♥♥

    1. As well as can be expected here.

      Kind of you to help the fgs out and sleep for her.

  10. Vacuuming is over-rated
    Eat the scraps and you'll be sated.

  11. I don’t think vacuuming the lawn is that bad if there is something that warrants vacuuming. For the record, I’d give give someone the benefit of the doubt if I saw them vacuuming the lawn. Lol!!

    1. Oh and you can’t throw one number and make it a random freaking number. I tried so hard to ignore it but had to come back and try to figure out WHERE that 9 came from. Smh

    2. lol the cat thinks someone protests too much.

      hahahaha the cat can do whatever he wants

  12. I think he make good posts Pat only sometimes talk so much hahahah
    love this cat!

  13. I think Pat knows not to underestimate the value of adding in our furry friends when it comes to advertising. People are a sucker for animals.

    1. That they are, guess i'm a sucker too for posing

  14. Cats sure know how to relax. And I bet they're laughing now at the idea of vacumming grass.

  15. No grass to vacuum at my hive;
    Wonder if we could suck up the weeds still alive?

  16. Don't dismiss the whole vacuuming the yard bit, yet. But better get a riding vacuum. Making the grass shorter with a vacuum cleaner could take a looooong time.

  17. Cat looks very studious at that computer.

  18. Well, I hope you have Dyson. I have a cheap one. Love the photos of the cat and hey
    if it helps sell books that is a win any day. What is Orlin staring at on that
    computer? Do you have some frisky feline on display?

    1. Gotta get that grass lol

      He was just looking at it and I snapped the pic a few dozen times

  19. Yah, Orlin! You have a whole lot of hardships ~ LOL!


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