Time For An Easy As That


The cat got questioned a little while ago. Yeah. They wondered why their star didn't grow. They created a blog and posted. They couldn't believe it wasn't great because they hosted. No comments or views. They thought this was news. Ignore and block got hit. I don't have time for their umm egotistical spit. But I have time for this rhyme. Can do it any old time.

Here they flock.
Here they squawk.
Birds of a feather.
No matter the weather.

This is bad.
This is rad.
This is great.
This we hate.

It's easy to do.
Put something in view.
That is the only step needed.
Then greatness will be seeded.

No practice or building.
It will glitter so gilding.
You'll shine like a star.
One post will go far.

One tweet and you're made.
Your star will never fade.
It is all just that easy.
I have no reason to be cheesy.

You can make money while you sleep.
Your pockets will soon run deep.
It's as easy as just saying yes.
Those fees....pfffft...we'll never confess.

Just listen and learn.
Wait. That last word burn.
Write it out and burn the word.
Spellcheck will help if your spelling is blurred.

Don't learn or work.
That isn't a perk.
Put things up and that is that.
You'll be a star and never flat.

It is all just that easy to do.
No work needed by you.
Everyone gets a medal after all.
So squawk like the rest and have a ball.

Have you ever thought things would just magically happen because the keyboard you started a tappin'?  The cat hopes not or he may make fun a lot. Ever fall for the get rich overnight crap? They have pretty good talking points with their trap. What about the learn? Would you rather hit return? Seems all want it now now now. If they don't get it then they have a cow. On them I take a pass as they can't even have their eyes opened by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy life forget the strife.


  1. You might get lucky but not without a lot of work before that happens.

    1. Yep. Sure takes a lot of work put in indeed.

  2. If it really was that easy, everyone would be rich.

  3. I think everyone would love to tweet once and have it made for them.

  4. Time For An Easy As That
    Should not be led off the track
    Make it simple
    Not to be idle
    And proudly raise the good flag


  5. I was gonna say nothing comes easy but that isn't true, it is actually pretty easy to get nothing!

  6. orlin, dood...just sayin...but afturr last weekz post N thiz weekz post, we think itz time ewe N pat....


    two a burd free zone :) ♥♥

  7. I do have to chuckle when people blog and expect the world to follow them when they don’t go to the trouble of reading anyone else.

    1. Yep. Chuckle and an eyeroll and then ignored.

  8. I agree with what Bijoux said. Goes along with those who start a YouTube channel and think they will make tons of money on it. Oh well! You know the saying about suckers.....


    1. Yep. One born every minute. Or may be second these days.

  9. The only sure path I know is to work hard and, hopefully, work smart.

    1. Hopefully so. Sometimes dumb can make things happen to though lol not always good things.

  10. Nothing is easy, that's for sure
    not everyone's motives are pure
    it takes time
    to find that rhyme
    after that bucks might flow
    or reviews will hit a new low

    Good post Pat and way too true

    1. Look at you go
      With a little flow
      And time it does take
      Big bucks are kinda fake lol

  11. Time and patience are virtues to be taught. A lot of parents are so busy chasing the dream that they haven't really told their kids it takes a lot of work to get things the way you want them, unless you're that one in a millionbazillionquatrillion person who hits the lotto, which statistically speaking, you very likely won't be.

    1. Yep. Everyone has grown up to want it now as many chase away and don't tell anything. Very true, the lotto will never come due.

  12. I had to laugh at you not having time for their complaint but having time for this rhyme. This was an opportunity, cat!!! You should have said "For $2,000, I'll teach you how to become a blogger. My class is called Rhyming Cats Get You Stats. The good news is, because you're the only student, you'll get full attention AND I'll take off $25 because I'm nice." LOL

    P.S. How do YOU get all the cool bird shots when you're not even trying. Whine whine whine whine :)

    1. hahaha that would sure make them run away and never bother me again.

      I just shoot away as I'm out all day by day by day

  13. I fell once or thrice
    but it wasn't so nice
    Quick, come get rich
    if you're a dumb bitch
    and think thirteen cents rules
    join all the lame tools.

    1. 13 cents in a bucket
      May as well just fluck it

  14. It was a long frustrating process to even get the small amount of growth that I've had in 12 years of blogging. Those who are able to grow an audience quickly are super lucky because most of us will have to put in blood, sweat and tears to get anywhere in blog/social media-land.

    1. Yeah, it takes a long arse time to get anything and even then you really have to keep at it to get many coming back. Super lucky a few are indeed, but only a few.

  15. I just looked at all those birds and thought of the horror flick!

  16. I thought for sure you were talking about me expecting 10,000 followers on Insta by now but then I saw it was blogging. That's where I'm already killing it with 250 followers! haha

    It really does hard work to become even remotely successful.

    Like Weaver said, that's a really great picture for The Birds!

    Happy Halloween, cat!


    1. lol well you can get there next year this time maybe.

      Yep. Hard work for those 250 followers haha is it ever

  17. It would be nice if things just happen so magically. I once received a letter saying I won a large sum of money and I need to send bank account information. Oh yes, of course, it's that easy haha.

    1. Yeah. Just send it and go to the bank for your riches. Pffft.

  18. Well, just let me say, I must be tapping the wrong keys:) Ha!
    Loved the pic and the verse:)

  19. I haven't but my brother fell for one of those pyramid schemes ad thought he would get rich. Didn't happen..

  20. First love the artwork so fitting for Pat Hatt Time. Did
    you create that?

    I guess your return rate depends on your investment.

    Happy Halloween 🎃

    1. I got an artist to do it that I've worked with. Brought the idea to form.

      That it does indeed.

  21. Boy, it sure would be nice if a whole story could pop out just because I turned on the computer or if a quilt could be finished because I turned on the sewing machine. And yet, it wouldn't even be fun. The best part is the creating!

  22. Ha, I have given up on things magically happening. Sadly. I wish it would though. Be well, Pat, and stay safe.

  23. When I first blogged I didn’t have anYone respond or comment but that changed now. I started blogging to enjoy showcasing my cards.


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