Time For Top Ways To Make Money Online


This is one of the best ways for anyone to make money online. We all have a skill or something of use and you can provide a service of pretty much anything on there. If you can sing or draw, you really have it made. And don't let the Five in Fiverr fool you. At first, you are going to be working for pennies, but once you up your client base and start to get traction, you can really pull in the money. 

Now, it won't happen overnight, you will have to work for peanuts at the start, you have to deal with many types of people, and some skills are more sought after than others, but you can make some serious money over time. They also have an affiliate program should you want to try to make some extra money.


Well you may end up only getting a lot of free stuff to review and the like, there are some that make millions off of it. If you have a following, reach out to people in your niche and/or area and see if they would want you to review their product or service. Again, it will take time, but once you build things up, it is possible to make a living just showing off other people's products and services.

But don't fool yourself, this isn't going to magically happen. It may take years before you have such a following that anyone will pay you to show off anything. The ease of it is why I ranked it #2, but for making money online, it can be a rather long road and you won't get rich quick or at all.


This costs money upfront, unless you have everything needed to do it already, but if you can create a professional course on something that people want to learn, you can make $1000s. You don't even need to make your own website or try to get followers these days. With platforms like udemy, you can load it on there and then, with a little push, really see it take off.

The good thing about this one is that once it is up, it is up. With Fiverr gigs or Influencing, you are constantly doing new content or work. With a course, you are done once you get it loaded on the platform. Of course you have to do some marketing and you'll have to answer questions from students, but that is a lot less time consuming than what you'd have to do for the previous two.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one that you can make some good money off of, but I really am not a fan. Why? Because you could sell $100 worth of product for someone and make a whopping $1. If that! If you can sell a million bucks of product in a year or find an affiliate program that pays you a decent cut, then you really can make a living online being an affiliate marketer. Otherwise, you may want to invest your time shaking a can outside Walmart or something. You'd probably make more money that way for far less effort.

But if you have a following and if you are willingly to put some serious time into it, affiliate marketing can be a gold mine. Although you may have better luck snapping a picture of Sasquatch and getting rich that way, it is still something to consider. BUT it will not happen fast. It may takes years, if ever, before you make a living online with affiliate marketing. And you really really have to keep working at it.

Sell Your Stuff Online

This one is the quickest way to get some money. It may be a duh moment, but there are things that you may not have considered. Take a look around. If you haven't used something in a year, you probably never will. So have a look at ebay or the like and see what it is going for. 5 bucks is 5 bucks. Or you may find that hideous mask you have goes for 100 bucks. Never underestimate what someone will pay for something. And on the flip side, don't overestimate. Things are only worth what someone will pay for them.

Another neat little trick is if we go back to the influencer. After you show off the free stuff, sell it! You could have a steady income stream that way while building up your influencer status. Another way is to review on Amazon. If you get a high reviewer status, you'll get many offers to review free things. Just remember to provide honest reviews. Then when done, sell it! This is the one way where you can see a fast return. The only thing is, unless you go the influencer or Amazon route, once you run out of stuff to sell, your well runs dry.

YouTube Channel

Here is another that you have to take the time to build up. Unless you do something that goes viral and appeals to the masses right away. It could happen, but you probably have a better chance of getting a picture of Sasquatch. 

The only thing required here is constant content that people will hopefully want to watch. Once you up your following, you can then add ads to your videos and rake in the money. It may only be pennies, if that, in the beginning, but millions of views do add up over time. And the good thing is that your videos can keep getting hits years and years down the road.

Create Your Own Shop

If you have a product to sell, have an idea for a product, or maybe have a 3D printer at home, then you can possibly turn that into an online money maker. You could use Fiverr to sell them, but more people tend to steer toward Etsy stores. Heck, if you want to up your potential sales then you can use both. Get creative with a Fiverr gig and then put some fun addons there while also using your Etsy shop. 

You could build two at once if you used both of the above, and it wouldn't really be splitting your focus too much. That isn't something you want to do. Pick one and go to it unless it makes sense to double dip. If you are using the same way to make money online on two different places while then you can. But if you are trying to do 50 things at 50 places, stop it. You will never get anywhere.

Stock Trading

Now this is one I've only vaguely looked into, but I do know a few who have made money at it. I also know a few who have lost money at it. I'm talking house down payment money. And you have to research and research to get up on everything if you really want to be able to make any significant money online with stock trading. 

Of course, you don't "have to" research as you could treat it like playing roulette or buying a lottery ticket. If you pick the right one of the right day, you could have a big windfall. But with the odds of that happening, you may as well go play a slot machine or buy a lottery ticket. 


There is still money to be made online from blogging, but it isn't as easy as it once was. You can still use ads or affiliate links or have sponsored posts or even build up a site that people will pay you to let them post on. It is all still a possibility, but it won't happen overnight. No one is ever going to come to your blog if all you do is post. You need to be interactive. You need to create backlinks. You need to do a whole lot of work before you even get your first real comment. Something that doesn't say "Great Post!"

People want quick and easy these days. That is why Instagram has taken off and will continue to do so. Blogging takes time and effort. Blogging takes up ten minutes or more in some cases for people to read. People tend to be lazy unless they are really interested. So blogging can make you money online, but it is also a tough go at it.


You don't need to be a professional photographer to sell pictures. There are sites out there where you can upload your pictures or videos and from there anyone who wants to use your picture or videos has to pay you a fee for the rights. It isn't a lot of money, but it can turn out to be a lot if you have many quality pictures and videos that you can upload.

Other ways are to use your pictures for t-shirts, mugs, calendars, or something similar. All are ideas to make money off your pictures, and you can use an Etsy store to do so, but once again all will take time and work to build any real online income for yourself.

Go Make That Online Money

There sure are many other ways, but some of them defy the point of making money online. Most want a secondary income or a full income without having to leave the house. You can post services like babysitting online, but for that you still have to leave the house. Or the kids are brought to you. Still defies the point. And there are many too good to be true things out there. If it is one of those, AVOID IT. Unless you are on the top of the pyramid scheme, in which case you may get arrested, you will only lose and lose and lose money. If you are iffy on something, research it. Because if you are iffy on it, chances are someone else will be asking questions too. Don't ever buy into these cult like groups claiming to get you rich. Most of them have few followers on any of their social media, that isn't bought, and have pictures that are doctored and they are told the right things to say to sucker you into their scheme. Don't get suckered. Unless you get lucky with the lottery, going viral, or something of the like, there is no get rich quick way out there. If you want to make money online then you have to put in the work. It is as simple as that.

Enjoy the online money making journey. It all starts with a single step.