Time For Christmas Cheer?


It's that time of year.
The time for cheer.
Christmas is near.
Unless fat guys you fear.

Then out goes the cheer,
Replaced by fear.
Like any other time of year.
After all, the end is near.

All around the sphere.
The end is near.
Near and dear.
But Christmas is here.

So forget the near.
Go for the cheer.
Unless you still fear.
Then stay right here.

Or drink many a beer.
Could take away the fear.
May make cheer appear.
Or make you lose your career.

So maybe just adhere.
Go with the cheer.
Only this time of year.
The rest the end is near.

Hoard all tp near.
Scream and run in fear.
Go and shed many a tear.
Don't move from first gear.

At least until this time of year.
Then it is time for Christmas cheer.
So let all near hear.
Fly free with the cheer.

It is crystal clear.
The cheer is here.
Listen for the jingle of reindeer.
Get out there and be a profiteer.

Sell and maybe later volunteer.
That part could be unclear.
So stick to selling Christmas cheer.
It's the sticking point for this time of year.

You humans sure are a strange bunch. Maybe just out to lunch. Or out to supper in the dark. That could be why you miss the mark. All happy and cheery for a month or so. Then what? Back to ra ra ra you go. That's all you got in you? One month of cheer is all that's true? Do you only get cheery because of a fat guy? Are you going to lie? If fat guys are your thing, okay. Enjoy the cheer that comes your way. But remember not to buck the system. Someone may find you and slowly twist em. You can't be cheery after it is over and done. You have to go back to fear and stray away from fun. You have to get on social media and give all sass. Pffft humans really are strange to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


  1. The real meaning of Christmas and the miracle it brought is in my heart all year 'round.
    But, I do really love this time of the year!

    1. Is it really though? Seems many forget it at their show.

  2. I do think it is the beer!
    Like Alex, I just like the idea of this time of the year - trying to be kinder to others, thinking good thoughts, be of good cheer. It's always a concept that never quite hits the mark, but it's better than nothing.
    So, happy Monday and Christmas countdown.

  3. Merry Christmas Pat and Cats :) It is a wonderful time of year; too bad the other 11 months aren't as wonderful and we aren't kind in those months too!


  4. Time For Christmas Cheer?
    There is still the Covid fear
    Just stay indoor
    It's less bother
    To celebrate it big next year


    1. That is the way
      Bigger in next year's display

  5. Bah Humbug! I'm kidding, sort of . . .
    Hope you have a great Christmas with your family, Pat. Do the cats get anything under the tree?

    1. lol such a Scrooge.

      Hopefully yours is great too. Yeah, the cat gets a little something.

  6. I have the Christmas cheer and our Dad will have the beer please!

  7. I'm going to stay safe this holiday season. It will be very low-key. Hope you enjoy the holidays with your cats and family. And of course, have a beer or two if you want.

    1. Low key should be the way all around this year indeed.

  8. Tis the season for the high and mighty to spread their fake cheer. Just like they try to do every Sunday. When Monday rolls around, they are back to being assholes. News flash. Your God is watching all week/year long people.

    1. Yep. That they do and that they will. High and mighty dbags a plenty.

  9. Time for Christmas cheer. I look forward to a long nap in a long weekend. Then I fear going back to work.

    1. Nap on the weekend is the way to be. Pfft to work though.

  10. There's nothing more you should steer
    from the things humans fear
    cuz the species, so queer
    'cept people themselves
    go hang out with the elves
    at this time of year
    I like to be an elf peer
    the gifts are the best
    and so is the rest.

    1. Gifted with the best
      Passes any test
      The way to be
      From sea to sea

  11. What do you mean the end is near?! I thought we see the light!! I sang and everything. Life is way too short to only be cheerful one month a year. Be kind, charitable, thankful, generous, and everything else all year long. I mean, there’s something different to celebrate every season and sometimes it’s as simple as celebrating the sun shining. Now, replace beer with a glass of really sweet wine, and that I can totally do at the expense of my job once we reach our goals.. but, we see the light. Right?

    1. lol I've got a dream, not see the light. All year long is the way to be, but many a human aren't that way. Goals are far far far away.

  12. Cat, we humans are cheerful a lot longer than just one month. Some of us are cheerful almost every single day. Although, you have to keep an eye on those that are little too cheerful - they have gotten into the egg nog a bit too much.

    Merry Christmas!


    1. We humans may be stretching it a bit. Some humans, yes, like maybe half. Just your one eye only sees so many lol and yeah, gotta watch those egg nog lovers.

  13. Christmas Cheer
    hip hip hooray
    a christmas star will appear
    can you see it so far away
    it will be quiet here
    maybe, I will drink a beer (haha)

    the snow came in 24 inches
    bah humbug said the Grinch
    santa will arrive on a sled
    I'll be dreaming in my bed

    okay, just having fun

    1. This time of year is simply a reminder of what we ought to be doing all year through--being decent to people. Merry Christmas or whatever you might happen to celebrate!

    2. lol you can keep it all
      Snow wall to wall
      Ours has melted away
      Made my day lol

  14. Happy Holidays, Pat. Wishing you Christmas Cheer, free of sales and fear.

    1. Free of both sure works here and brings the cheer


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