Time For A Merry One And All!


I've come to share some Christmas cheer.
Or maybe gossip about a rhyming rear.
Don't touch that ass or you may fall.
That wouldn't be very Christmas-y at all.

The door was open one sunny day,
so he decided to be on his way.

He came across a peaceful shore,
taking the time to relax and explore.

There he met a familiar sight,
she let him know not to fight.

He joined her in the rising light,
looking back to make sure all was right.

He first spied the foolish mutts.
He sure liked to bite their butts.

The tiny humans were just a smiling.
And with those coats they were kinda styling.

The shore was calm and pretty clear.
A perfect spot for any rhyming rear.

The bath toys quacked while the tiny one spied.
Thankfully, he never tried to take them for a ride.

The air turned crisp and started to freeze.
But they bundled up to avoid the breeze.

The human gathered the tiny crew.
All of which stick to him like glue.

And as the little one took her first stair,
She turned to a faint voice in the air.
She knew a watchful eye was very near.
That of a snarky rhyming rear.

She spread the word to the mutts.
Of course they thought her rather nuts.

But then one faithful Christmas eve,
he came to visit after taking leave.
There she played and enjoyed her brother.
He had watched over her like no other.

Their day of play came to an end.
and she said goodbye to her friend.
She went and sat beneath the tree.
Wishing all a Christmas filled with glee.

And that's my story for today.
Life has a knack of finding its way.
Whether here or there or day or night.
Merry Christmas! I hope all is right.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Date But Not Magical Day Year!


  1. You’re alive!!! So nice to see you post again. Your nephews are sure growing. Some pretty views your way. Hope your holiday is grand.

    1. Considering I'm at that insta place you know I'm alive lol Hope your holiday was grand too.

    2. Do you post anything? I never see it in my feed. I’ll recheck my settings!

    3. haha post most every day. You blocked me!!!! hahahahaha

  2. Merry Christmas to you
    and the tiny humans too
    plus all the cats and dogs
    and the elf on a shelf, least of all.

    1. Not a fan of the elf crap?
      Isn't he just a $$ grubbing chap?
      Another way to suck the kiddies in
      Toss him in the garbage bin

  3. Season's greeting and Christmas cheer
    To all of the members far and near
    Thanks for all of 2021 and Merry Christmas
    No pandemic in 2022 and hoping for the best


    1. I somehow doubt the pandemic will go away
      But hopefully so and Merry Christmas to all today

  4. Cats know how to do it right. Merry Christmas, Pat!

  5. That was sure a fun post Pat, Merry Christmas from all of us!

  6. And I feel the Christmas cheer, it's in my heart, not the (elsewhere). Love the pics and this post. I bet the tiny humans have enjoyed the season. Merry Christmas to you. Hope you've stayed healthy and are doing well. All the best

    1. Cheer comes from even the rhyming rear lol tiny humans are happy campers indeed. Hope all is well on your side of blogland.

  7. This gave me feels, Cat. Merry Christmas, Meadow, he's always watching <3.

    Although, he could knock that evil elf off the shelf as he does so. I can't imagine living with such a creature! Growing up, I would break all of my mom's porcelain dolls because they had that similar, creepy face.

    1. Watching he may be lol except the elves. Tunes them out

      hahaha plenty of creepy dolls here to smash.

  8. Love the photos! I hope your had a fun Christmas and you have a great new year!

  9. The cat knows how to have fun
    Even whenChristmas is done.
    With lights twinkling
    And glitter all a sprinkling,
    I wish you a Merry Christmas
    And a very good New Year.

    1. Fun can be had
      Here at our pad
      Any old day
      A happy new year your way

  10. Hope you and your brood of kitties and pups and tots all had a wonderful Christmas. And Happiest New Year wishes to you all as well!

    1. Thanks. Hope you had a great Christmas too and a happy new number day!

  11. Loved the photos - A bit late at your gate - Happy New Date!

  12. Cute photo's of the wee ones and the furry ones. Enjoyed the poem. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Strange thing, on my blog log it says your last update was 3 years ago. Not sure what's going on but apparently another blog gliche.
    Sandy's Space

    1. That is weird indeed. Blogger is known for the glitches haha