Time To Hit The Road


Who would want to hit a road? Maybe if it had a pot hole and gave you a flat tire or broke an axel. I suppose then you may want to hit the road. But wouldn't that hurt you more than the road? Plus, if it is like the one above then you may be hitting a place where an animal had a pee. Just food for thought. Or words for thought. No food here. Move along.

11 years is one long old road. The thing has probably become pot hole filled and has huge ruts in it by now. Be one I'd drive on by in the winter. But that is how long this little corner has been up. 11 whole years. And in 11 years...

I went from two cats to two cats....and two dogs.

I went from no posts to 3200 posts.

I went from no books to over 100.

I went from rather mediocre grammar to rather them good grammar.

I went from wiping my own butt to wiping a few more as well.

I went from blogging every day to blogging maybe a week or two out of the year.

I went from knowing where very few things were location wise to knowing where EVERYTHING is in the area.

I went from spending lots of time online to next to bare minimum.

I switched up the importance of things and I didn't use went this time.

I went from smart ass to....still stuck there. Some things never go away.

I went from naïve little shit to less of a naïve little shit.

I went from not giving a crap to even more not giving a crap about all nonsense.

(What? All me me me? Fine!)

Blogging went from tons to a few.

A lot of social media went from interesting/learning/comparing to cesspool.

Instant gratification's grasp got tighter.

Nonsense climbed to an all time high.

Less snow showed its face here each year.

COVID, All In This Together, Unprecedented all became every day speak. 

And...nah, not going down that rabbit hole. This post would go on for another 11 years if I recall all that happened.

Will I be here for the next 11 years?

I guess we'll cross those bridges as we come to them. Unless the bridge is holey or blocked. Then we may just take a boat. And if our boat sinks and I drown, well then you may not get 11 years. But at least the cats will get some extra kitty litter when they burn me and use me as it.

What's changed in your neck of the woods in the last 11 years? Anything? Everything? Hopefully something. It can be the feet of the woods too. Doesn't have to be the neck.

Still blogging as much as you did? Still into blogging as much? Switched to any other social media? Still like social media? Pet count go up or down? Any less of a naïve little shit? Still spend most of your time online? Any new bums to wipe? Still give a crap? Actually going to answer all of these questions? Who has time for that? Instant gratification it is. 

Great Post!

There you go. Did it for you. What? That took away the gratification? Whoops. 

Enjoy life, forget the strife.


  1. Congratulations on eleven years. I hit twelve last year and totally missed it.
    Down to two to three times a month now. Only one day a month am on here a lot. Miss some of the friends I've made over the years but still happy to connect with a few.
    Where will it be in eleven years? Who knows?
    Have enjoyed the journey with you, Pat and Cat(s)!

    1. I just thought I'd look and see and 11 years it was. Yeah. Still happy to connect with a few indeed. Who knows for sure. We'll see where everything stands then, if any of us are still standing haha

  2. This will be my 11th year blogging too. I help authors and writers with my blog so am still really committed to it. I hope you start blogging at least ones a month. Miss you, but I want to follow the journey that's right for you.

    1. Committed sure is the way to be. I may do once a month or so. We'll see how it rolls.

  3. Almost 14 years for me, which is sort of shocking. I’m glad you still post here and there. I still think it’s a fun way to get to know people from all over the world, but I do post less than I used to. Have a productive new year, Pat.

    1. Yeah. It is a fun way to get to know people from all over. Many sure post less indeed though. We'll see how productive it is.

  4. I had to look, it's been 9 years of blogging for me. I don't blog as much as I did. Now, I post when I am feeling inspired. I still connect with some from the start but, a lot have gone on to other things. I am not much into social media.

    It was great to read a post as I have always enjoyed the way your mind wanders. You make one stop and think. That is a good thing. I hope you will post a bit more as I miss you!

    Nothing much has changed here, same old stuff just a new day! Covid has caused a stagnation of growth and inspiration is hard to find some days.

    You made me smile today!

    1. 9 years isn't too shabby indeed. Inspired is the best way then it doesn't feel forced.

      Mind can wander away any old day. Crazy does that lol

      Covid sure has screwed up a lot every which way.

  5. Congrats on 11 years. I need to go back and see how long I've been doing it, except that I was blogging before this format, so...probably way to long. Reading your first couple of lines made me think of Amelia Bedalia...something about hitting the road. lol
    Sandy's Space

    1. I fooled around with myspace at one point. That was long ago, wasn't it? lol watch those roads.

  6. If you were anything but a smart ass, we'd be disappointed.

    In eleven years I've published over 50 books for others. Blogging patterns have changed quite a bit over the past 17 years though. Yes, it's been that long!

    1. Have to keep the smart ass a going lol

      50 books sure is impressive. 17 years has changed a lot indeed. Long arse time.

  7. You had me scared, I cannot lie
    I thought it was time that you'd say "goodbye."
    But I'm glad you're staying here, if only less time
    because without you we'd be remiss of sillies and rhyme
    My life has turned upside down in 11 years too
    Many good things to list for me have come due
    With over one decade that's come to pass
    At least you and I have stayed a smart ass.

    1. Round and round we go
      We knew the title would do that though
      Thought it was funny to make one think
      Kinda with a quick nod and wink
      Upside down and inside out things seem to go
      But good to stick with the smart ass flow

  8. We've going on 14 years blogging, still going daily. Cat count went from 9 to 4. Happy Blogoversary from all of us!

    1. Sure has fallen indeed. Daily is impressive too.

  9. Congrats on 11. I've enjoyed your snarky smart ass clever as shit rhyme, along with the menagerie of butts you care for through these years. I've enjoyed the weather reports, and I'll keep crossing the bridge with your words whether it's daily, monthly, or a nice surprise that pops up on my feed. Take care, stay well, and let's slog/blog on just for fun.

    1. Haha clever as shit could go the wrong way, but works for us. The bridge will sure be there to cross as we slog on indeed.

  10. wavez two ewe orlin, meadow and dad pat.....

    grate ta see dad... then knot :) ☺☺☺☺☺

    we haz mizzed yur postz ...but total lee get....LIFE....

    uz tabbies be one lezz from novemburr....de food gurlz gonna ree tirez in spring....

    knot sure bout wear de blogz goin....time will tell, ore may bee knot ...

    happee 2022 two ewe all ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yeah, it can be weird with the humans to see where the blog goes. But Life it is. We'll see how 2022 goes. Hopefully yours is great.

  11. Great post (and I really mean that). Very thought-provoking.
    Let's see...in eleven years...
    Left my job as a Teacher Assistant to become a Environmental Services Associate (aka "custodian" aka "janitor with keys").
    Lost a wife, gained a girlfriend (the two events are NOT related). Incidentally, me and the ex-Mrs. Penwasser get along famously now that she no longer has to share a bed with me. After all, who can blame her?
    Moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia.
    Watched two children graduate college (aka "coming off the payroll").
    Retired for the second time.
    Started collecting social security.
    Wrote a couple books.
    Stopped blogging for a couple years.
    Back to blogging.
    Working on an eighth book.
    Watched my little buddy sail off to the Rainbow Bridge.
    There's more, but you get the idea.
    Congratulations, my friend on your longevity.
    Speaking of roads, reminds me of a joke....Don't order a drink to the road because the road is already laid out.

    1. On and on it goes with life indeed. Many a thing changes, even a great post comment. Always interesting, or at least a why the ... did I do that, to look back at moments. lol some roads aren't laid out very well though.

  12. 11 years is a long time to be at this game. I'm definitely not online as much anymore. I always said I'd quit when it wasn't fun anymore and I'm about there. We'll see how long the honey people want to keep paying me first though LOL.

    I went from 2 dogs, to 3 (lost 2 along the way) plus I'm a first time cat owner (or she owns me, who really knows). I backed off social media. Too much fake shit and too many people doing the same thing that it's lost anything unique it had going for it. I do check into Insta about once or twice a month, and that's when I spam you with likes and comments. You're about due for another round of them from me shortly LOLOL!

    1. Yeah, the fun of it has sure gone down hill indeed. Main reason I keep it is because of books. Just to have a landing page for them. Can't knock the pay haha all counts toward the farm.

      They usually do the owning. Lots of fake shit and look at me look at me shit indeed. lol spam away. Just don't get chucked in jail.

  13. Happy Blog-aversary!!! As you like to remind me often, I took long breaks in between my 11 years. Typically right around the time I got a new butt to wipe. We went from a fish and a pooch to a new pooch. I gave up on Facebook but seem to be enjoying Instagram. Instant gratification is true. Then, of course, there's twinkle who comes and snatches it away from you.. LOL

    1. Not a Farcebook fan anymore? About time lol Instant gratification it seems to be. Yeah, likely excuse. Butt wiping. Pffft lol

  14. Happy 11 years to you! I hope you are around for many more. Lots of things in my last 11 years. One huge unexpected thing that was the trampoline jump leading to LOTS of changes. No regrets here though, I was happy then, and I am happy now. Gained a cat and we love her so. We got back to Florida where I do love to be (no ice on the roads here). Went from blogging many times a week to mostly posting things other people write, just to keep the site afloat. Why? I dunno, just not ready to give it up yet, I guess. :) Still enjoy Insta and sometimes Pinterest. Happy to interact with the bloggers I made a connection with… rarely looking at anyone else’s blogs though, these days. Seeing that pattern all around. Got a perfume fetish I curbed a bit/lot because it’s expensive and a teen who is kind, never gets in trouble (knock on wood) and still makes honor roll every semester in his Advanced classes. I’d say the last 11 years have been very good to me (save that one big mountain, which was probably still a good thing in disguise, all things considered). And here’s to 11 more wonderful year! P.S. your animal and kiddo additions are super-dee-duper cute!

    1. Yeah. You had that big trampoline jump indeed. A good 11 years is the way to be. I just keep this here for books and I post here and there just because. Why not? Great for the kiddo indeed. Having a kitty is a win too. The additions are grand to have around here too.

  15. Over the past 11 years? Wow. So much has happened. I won't make a list, though. Good list. Any family?

    1. Much has happened all around indeed. Family? You means cats and dogs? lol