A Not So Heartless World

After facing time travel, time fractions, the time axis, the Time Junction, alternate realities, Olympus, the Freton, aging, and even being turned into cartoons, Jack, Jeremiah, Emily, Trudy, Orlin, and the rest of their family have finally made it safely home. But as a battle as old as time itself comes to a head, they soon find that home is the least safe place they have ever been.

The forces of Lucifer and Hera march on Zeus Mountain, secrets of the past are revealed, and an ancient entity out to fulfill his destiny leave the odds stacked against them. With no one to turn to but each other, they must find it within to win one more battle, no matter the cost.

They soon learn that the fight to get back to their time, to retrieve loved ones from time, and to save time itself had all been a precursor to the battle to come. Follow Jack, Emily, Jeremiah, Trudy, and the rest of their family as their worlds finally collide in book 9 and everything they have been fighting to achieve comes down to one final battle.

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