A Not So Natural World


Jeremiah and Orlin’s adventure continues in book six with A Not So Natural World. Things have become comfortable for the first time since the two sides collided. The odd squabble with the Nothing is all the pair have had to deal with. Until an old foe, who they thought had perished, resurfaces. Now the boundaries between good and evil get pushed for everyone as Jeremiah’s super powered, music activated nanites get hijacked.

Through Jeremiah’s actions a chain reaction is set in motion that no one can stop. With robotic forces on the rise, a world on the edge of being consumed and his friends not sure if they can save him, Jeremiah’s fate and the fate of Earth’s time fraction lie in his and Orlin’s hands.

Unlikely heroes arise, old foes become allies, new foes are set upon them, secrets are revealed and the end of a long journey comes to a close, as Jeremiah and Orlin fight for themselves, their family and the fate of the entire human population left alive on Earth.

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