A Not So Perfect World


After Chutar and finally figuring out where and when they were, Jack and Emily hoped their troubles were over. But little did they know Chutar was just the beginning. With Mason by their side the three continue to struggle to find their way back home, charting a course through the unknown one time fraction after another.

They come up against everything from dragons and critlen to booby trap littered mazes and armies right out of Arthurian legend standing in their way. But through it all the three remain determined to make it back to Earth's time fraction. Until they come up against what they thought to be impossible, gods of myth. 

Now with hope dwindling thanks to the likes of Hera and Drazin, not knowing if they can trust Zeus, a prophecy involving aliens, and an over involved Prophet, the newly dubbed Death Defying Three will have to do just that, if they ever hope to make it home.

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