A Not So Realistic World


A Not So Realistic World, book 7 in the series, brings the focus back to Jack, Emily, and Mason as they continue to strive to find a way back to Earth’s time fraction. After Olympus, Hell, and many time fractions, they thought they had seen it all. But as they experience more of the Time Junction, its rainbow road, and its caretaker, Tripit, a rhyming nut with a crush on Emily, they realize that they have only scratched the surface of what is out there.
New enemies arise, old friends return to join the fight, gods get in the way, and everything seems to revolve around Jack and his movie quote obsession. From musicals to cartoons to cop shows, the trio cycle through them all and have no idea why. 

Follow along as Jack, Emily, and Mason learn the secrets of the Time Junction, search for the way out, and take their final journey over that mountain in the hope of making it home for good.

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