A Not So Universal World

In A Not So Universal World, Book 8 in the series, Jeremiah and Trudy have finally made it to Olympus to save their son. After saving Earth's time fraction and destroying the Freton all they want now is to get Trent home and relax. But Crackle has other plans for them. Drazin seems to have plans of his own. A mysterious old man going by Chappy has plans set in motion. Even Zeus and Tripit become involved. What they thought was a straight forward task turns into their most dangerous adventure yet.

The pair quickly learn that the quest to save Trent proves to be more than they could have ever imagined. Traversing through time, other universes, parallel planets, fake worlds and even old age, Jeremiah and Trudy are left with only one option. They must fight once again to save those they love and themselves. Grudges come to light, true friends and enemies take form and more questions arise as to the true purpose of Olympus. All while Jeremiah and Trudy fight ever closer to finally saving their son.

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