A Thousand Miles


Will and Ray Stinger are two brothers that have not seen each other in over a decade. Will lives a simple life with his family and wants nothing to do with his self absorbed, reality TV star brother. But the two are brought together by the passing of their Uncle Frank who left them what could be the best gift of all, an ugly shoe pendant.

When the pendant breaks Will and Ray each take half and go their separate ways, suspecting to never see each other again. The next day all of that changes as they wake up in each other's body. Through the pendant they quickly experience life from the other's point of view. Not wanting to waste any time, they search for answers and soon learn that the only way to reverse it is to walk a thousand miles.

Will, Ray, Will's two young kids, Sarah and Oliver, and their dog, Sammy, set off across America to reverse what they believe to be a curse. And through one giant mishap, they now must do it while avoiding law enforcement, crazy Ray Stinger fans, gun toting hillbillies, Ruth and her master race and the many other colorful characters they meet along the way.