Names: Patrick Hatt, Pat Hatt, The Cat, Uncle Pattie

Bio: Umm I opted for another science course over biology in high school. What? That's not what it means? I guess if you want to get picky then I will write something out. Not that many read the about. What's that about?

I suppose you can call me a writer, even though I pose as an accountant, car salesman, mailman, or one of 22 other jobs more often than I would like to admit. Have to pay the bills, feed the cats, and stay upright. But with over 100 published written works, I think writer counts a little bit.

I enjoy learning more about the craft of writing and learning in general. That is probably the main reason for the blog. One would never think it when starting, but if you do blogging right, you will learn a lot. Learning beats being always right too. You learn nothing much by being right, but you learn a lot from being wrong. That is why opinions and discussions are fine and dandy here. Although if you spread hate toward anyone and are just being a horrible person, ignore and delete is all you get from me with that nonsense. You can go fester with said horrible people elsewhere if that is your goal.

I am owned by a cat and the two of us reside where we reside when you read this. Having moved 18 times so far, it is easier to say that than to keep changing it as we move about. Yep, 18 times. You'd think we are running from a stalker or something, huh? Nah. When you're a monk you don't pick up many stalkers. One perk, right?

When not writing, working, blogging, or being used as a scratching post, I can be found working out or enjoying a good movie, show, or book.