Imagine Hatt

Imagine Hatt Season 1
What is Imagine Hatt?

I got the idea to write a series from all the cat’s little observations of humans. Basing it on real life just seemed fun as well. So I used me and kicked the crazy up a notch or three. It is a collection of weird things I’ve seen, heard, done, with an added mixture of poking fun at humans from a cat’s perspective. All set in a fictional world, and as said, the crazy is jacked up a bunch.

The characters just wrote themselves as I went along and I have six seasons planned, four more loosely planned afterwards. It all came together.

Pat is me, kicked up a notch in the crazy department, as said. Crazy Eye is a money loving nut, with a crazy eye ball that holds a secret. The American is a stereotypical American that likes guns and such. He makes it easy to poke fun at Canadians and Americans. The Researcher is trying to cure the world of stupidity and gets connected to Pat by a drunk escapade. They are the main four, along with little wisecracks from Cassie and Orlin at beginning and end of each tale. Then comes the colorful cast of characters you’d only want to meet in your nightmares. From Big Dick to The Ex Mountie to Bird Lady.

If I had to describe Imagine Hatt it would be that it is a series that can go anywhere. I could put them on the moon and get away with it, having it make sense. I don’t stick to one genre with this. One episode they are being chased by hillbillies through the woods and another they are trying to get rid of a bad singer. I suppose there is a comedic tone to each one, hopefully it is funny anyway, that would be the one constant. The overall story has an arc as well. It is basically set up like a tv show, hence the episode moniker.


  1. I am a cat fan so this sounds interesting. Cats have a way of making you feel about 6 inches tall. Hi from mail4roseey


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