Max Blizzard and The Cup of Kings


After saving the realms from Sir Dreadvent and his Sevesties, Max Blizzard hoped to enjoy time with his father, Merlin, and explore all that having an imagination offered. But an event that could lead to the destruction of the realms quickly thwarted such desires. King Arthur, Zeus, Odin, and the many other rulers had vanished without a trace.

Max and his friends, Trudesile and Lester, now must search for any clues that could lead them to the missing rulers. As the realms near a disastrous upheaval and new foes add peril to their already daunting journey, they will have to rely on every inch of their imagination power to see it through.

With the clues pushing them down a new path, Max, Trudesile, and Lester will journey from Camelot to Shangri-La to the mysterious Atlantis. Their imagination power will grow, and they may even see what lies beyond death. All in a race to get to The Cup of Kings and save the rulers of every realm before it is too late.

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