Murder Has A Price


Detective Hollerin received his badge after a few short years with only one thing in mind, find the real person behind the murder of Torrie and Kurt Price and put them in the ground. He, along with the Price's butler, Mr. Dunker, know without a doubt that Mr. Price would never kill his family. Even if all signs point to him being the killer, Detective Hollerin is determined to find the truth behind the murders.

With secrets of his own, like hiring the Los Hugos gang for jobs that the police aren't willing or allowed to do, Detective Hollerin pushes forward on the case. His one and only goal is to find the killer and end their life. But his search ends up unraveling a conspiracy that extends to all levels of the city and beyond. 

Detective Hollerin's quest for vengeance leads him to places that he never thought he would go. Now he must use all the skills from his past and his present to survive, end the conspiracy, and find the real person behind the Price murders, no matter the cost.