The Connective

Travis, Sally, and their mother are seeking a fresh start in a new town after an accident claimed their father's life. They arrive in Queens County, each ready to try and put the pieces of their family back together. The slow pace of the rural community seems to be the place to do just that until a neighbor's warning comes to be. After one night in this sleepy community Sally and her mother are merged into The Connective. 

Now Travis is left alone to fend against The Connective. His many questions needing answers so he can save his sister and mother from their clutches. He seeks out his neighbor, Billy, and begins to learn what The Connective is and its true purpose. The more he learns, the more fearful he becomes for his family, his new friends and his very life.

With an ancient evil hovering over his family, Travis will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery surrounding Queens County. It will lead him to places he never knew existed and things he never wanted to believe could exist. A power as old as time itself lurks in the shadows and it is up to Travis and his friends to stop it in order to escape Queens County with their lives.

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