The Disconnective

Sally, Travis, and Billy continue to fight to survive in the aftermath of their battle with the demon, which forces Sally to do whatever it takes to provide for her son, Alex, and the others. But after an altercation puts them back in the eyes of The Connective, they find themselves dealing with a whole new reality.

Mysteries of the demon and the planes deepen as they go on an adventure that they never asked for to get their being back home. Entering planes they know nothing about, they must rely on each other now more than ever, especially when a new evil arises that wants to free the demon and end their lives. 

Fighting the odds with old friends, new friends, and weapons that hold a power only to them, they will stop at nothing to find the key that opens the doorway home. Together they remain determined to see each other through the many dangers of the planes beyond their own and survive by embracing The Disconnective.

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